Soviet sports shorts, surplus

Soviet sports shorts, surplus

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Sports shots are available everywhere, but by virtue (or vice) they are your run-of-the-mill polyester horror, probably cobbled together in the vast slave labour factories of Bangladesh. These, however, are made of cotton satin, like many fancier bedsheets. Why shouldn't there be a touch of luxury in sportswear too?

Slightly tight "unisex" cut, which means these don't leave much room on the front for boys, and don't really sit the women's hips either. Elastic waist.

Size info

We got only one size, which is Russian 48: user's recommeded waist about 82 cm. Will fit a bit thinner people too!


Apparently each and every pair is in unissued shape! Proudly made in Soviet Union!

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27.12.2018 (Edited 31.12.2018)

These are not unisex athletic shorts but men's underpants. (The tag says "трусы мужские," which definitely means men's underpants. If you want an unforgettably funny horror show, do a Google image search for that phrase in Russian, but not in front of children.)

For the sake of Science, I actually put these on. They're great for a gag--how many people have fucking Soviet underwear?--but not for real. Further research will have to be done about whether Soviet-era men had super-skinny thighs that could fit in these undersized leg holes and whether maybe they carried their dicks on a string around their necks, because that shit don't fit into these shorts.

EDIT: I had an epiphany. You're supposed to pull them way up over your hips! It's because there's so little elastic in them. That explains the weird cut and (what I thought were) the excessively skinny openings for your legs. Now it all makes sense. They're still weird and comical, but my girlfriend says they're hot so I'm getting more.
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