Soviet Socialist Competition Award, older model (until 1975), surplus

Soviet Socialist Competition Award, older model (until 1975), surplus

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Army surplus
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A small badge to be awarded for those who excelled in Socialist Competition (or 'Emulation if you asked the Soviets). Oh what a hairball of plotting and ludicrous decisions that probably was, all in the name of getting some status in the eyes of the state. One-off lot, that's why the crappy pictures!

Wikipedia tells us more about this fair and just competition. Sounds like something our politicians could come up with too if they had free hands!

Pin attachment on the back.

Real deal Soviet stuff, no-one would bother copying these.


Soviet enlisted mens cockade, small

Soviet enlisted mens cockade, small

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Soviet canteen, surplus

Soviet canteen, surplus

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Army surplus

Military equipment is traditionally excellent stuff; it combines durability with very affordable prices. Army surplus finds its way to the civilian market in the following way: the armed forces of one country or other decides to get rid of big batches of perfectly serviceable gear due to cuts in military budgets, said gear becoming obsolete or redundant or some other similar reason. Some of this stuff then finds its way to our storehouse, sometimes directly, sometimes through a third party. Every once in a while we even get random batches of collectibles and rarities from obscure corners of the world.