Soviet riding boots, unbelievable

Soviet riding boots, unbelievable

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WHOA, pirates and highwaymen, hear ye, hear ye! Only in the Soviet Union they made this kind of old-timey footwear with real purpose as late as during the Cold War. Made thick and strong leather with nailed-on sole & leather tap soles, with rubber tap heels and even heel irons. One-off pair! Russian leather boots are usually made of very strong materials, with a traditional look to them.

These extend just below the knee, and with the shaft extended cover even more. Inside the shaft these have a partial leather lining. These are fackin' bomb proof boots, not just a collectible but if you're looking for really well made historical type boots, GET THESE.

Size info

Right boot size 41, left size 42. The difference is pretty small, we could say these fit size EU 42 foot (user's recommended foot length 270 mm). The inside length of the smaller boot is about 280 mm, plus a few millimetres room in the upper, which means if your foot is on the 270 mm (42) range, you'll still have at least 1 cm room for toes. Measure yours by placing your foot on paper and drawing the outline. Then measure the longest distance directly from heel to toe.

No insoles included, get a pair immediately. Jalas FX2 is good, pick size 41, those run large.

45 cm circumference on the mouth of the shaft, measured where the fold is. Height from ground to top 47 cm, and 70 cm when fully extended!


Unissued, with just some patina from decades in storage, even the leather is in superb condition. The heel irons are a risk in indoor use, be careful!

Apparently these are very rare. Here's a one-off chance to fulfill your fantasies!

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