Soviet protective goggles, with dark lenses and cotton band, surplus

14.99 USD
Soviet protective goggles, with dark lenses and cotton band, surplus
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Czech nuclear protective poncho, with hood and "boots", surplus

Czech nuclear protective poncho, with hood and "boots", surplus

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An all-purpose nuclear protective poncho. If you happen to see a mushroom cloud at the end of the street, you'll want to be wearing one of these! Well, OK, this poncho will probably melt on you, but hey, at least you tried!

Mil-Tec leather flying cap

Mil-Tec leather flying cap

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Probably the coolest piece of headgear ever made. Classic WW1 look, caps like these were used back in the day when there was no nonsense like headphones or microphones or ungentlemanly attitude. We would offer this for motorcyclists too if there were none of these useless safety regulations of today.

"Stop playing post-apocalyptic RPGs, live in Russia instead!" - these goggles originate from the Soviet Union and look like they've been taken from the Mad Max wardrobe. Made for real use, these aren't toy glasses! One-off lot, GET.

Metal frame with menacing looking ventilation holes, replaceable glass lenses, replaceable cotton headband and "padded" with fluffy edge trim of varying colour. The lenses are probably the darkest we've seen, these are meant to protect from some seriously bright light sources, nuclear blasts we hope.

Please note: Do not use these in airsoft or other activities that require impact or any other protection. We DO NOT sell these for any real protective use, just to be worn on your steampunk hat.


All are in excellent shape but old stock.

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En omista tällaisia laseja, mutta näyttää, että soveltuisivat kaasuhitsaukseen suojalaseiksi, linssien tummuus näyttää nimittäin juuri sopivalta tähän työhön. Näin kerran Bauhausissa samanlaisia laseja, mutta hieman modernimpina. Ja jos ulkonäöllä ja käytettävyydellä ei
ole väliä, niin ovat varmasti hyvät aurinkolaseiksi.
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