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Soviet Plash-palatka, rain cape/shelter half, surplus

Soviet Plash-palatka, rain cape/shelter half, surplus

Price 29.99 USD excluding VAT

A truly versatile piece of kit. Like most shelter halves used by armies worldwide, the Soviet model bends to a multitude of uses. There are better alternatives on the market, but the Soviet Plash is still the best with its ancient magical aura.

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A truly versatile piece of kit. Like most shelter halves used by armies worldwide, the Soviet model bends to a multitude of uses. There are better alternatives on the market, but the Soviet Plash is still the best with its ancient magical aura.

Oh no! The Russian army will be destroying every Plash and Veshmeshok in inventory. We can only hope some enterprising individuals will smuggle these out in the market as much as possible. The prices have been on the rise for some time no, and we'll be hell bent on keeping these in stock as long as possible, no matter te cost. The time to get one for relatively low price is right about now.

This age old design can be used as a groundsheet, shelter half, rain/camouflage cape, stretchers, or a top layer for sleeping bag/blanket - you can even make a sort of a raft from these. In almost every use it's just a tad too small on its own, part of the rugged charm!

There are a few variations of these, one with leather reinforced corner holes, one with brass grommets. Both work just as well, we do not differentiate.


Made from very tightly woven and impregnated cotton, measurements 180 x 180 cm, weight about 1,3 kg. If you wash it, the colour will fade and the water repellency (if present anymore) will suffer.

When you have wandered the realm long enough to wear the water repellent treatment down, you can use fabric wax to reproof it!

Russian army surplus

Most are in totally unissued condition, but since some are used we simply label these all as "used army surplus". Still, even the unissued ones might well be a bit dusty after decades of storage and some have other signs of storage, like slight fading here or there from the sun.

Some of these had a piece of hemp rope hidden inside. As Plashes arrive in our warehouse, we sort out the ropes and will sell them separately for those in need.


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I would recommend for a friend

29.08.2016 (Edited 11.12.2016)
Ostin enimmäkseen koristeeksi koska ajattelin et jos haluaa olla ruski niin se viedään sitten loppuun asti, yllätyin.

Tuli yöllä kuulasotiessa aika kylmät kelit yllättäen, ja tästä tulikin täydellinen mukana kulkeva peitto ja piti kaiken epämukavan irti muusta sotasetistä, ei päästä vettäkään läpi. Mokoman pakkaaminen ja mukana rahtaaminen on joskus hyvin ikävää Vesmeshok repun lenkeissä, mutta silloin kun silloin kun sitä tarvitsee niin korvaakin kaikki ikävät hetket, plussana tyylikäs. Toimivuuden näkee kopioiden määrästä.

"Kangas" on tuhoutumatonta, mutta napit ja narut ei, joten kannattaa solmia jokaisen narun päähän joku pallo hidastamaan purkaantumista, tai saatat joutua vetämään omat pieniin "kauluksen" koloihin.

Leka yllätti (kuten usein ennenkin) ja laatikkoon oli tungettu lytätty kasa kurjahkoa kommunistinarua joka oli ilmeisesti säilötty kuivissa oljissa (ja pienissä puulastuissa???), joten kokemuksesta suosittelen pysymään kaukana matoista ja vastaavista innostuksissa repiessäsi laatikkoa auki.
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I would recommend for a friend

30.08.2016 (Edited 01.09.2016)
En voi sanoa kuin, että Saatana!

Välittömästi yksi siisteimmistä asioista minkä omistan.
En oikeastaan ymmärrä miksi en tätä aiemmin tajunnut ostaa. Hintakaan ei kelpaa selitykseksi...

Helposti rullaa vaikka repun ulkopuolelle hihnoilla kii. Ja jos nyt roudaaminen ahdistaa ihan hirveästi niin kannattaa varmaan ottaa lääke...
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I would recommend for a friend

29.09.2016 (Edited 29.11.2016)
Kaksi VSR-kuvioista omistan, toinen nyt väliverhona eteiseeni ettei myrskytuuli puhalla läpi kämppäni. Näitä on olemassa kolmea eri kokoa ja nämä täällä myytävät edustavat sitä pienintä mallia . Kulmareikien määrä sen paljastaa. Näihin saa napitettua kiini myös DDR- telttakankaan ja käyvät laajennusosiksi unkarilaiseen taisteluparintelttaan, ymmärtääkseni. Näiisä itsessään on aika kämäisesti kiinnitysnappeja/muovihärpäkkeitä .
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I would recommend for a friend

21.10.2016 (Edited 29.11.2016)
Satelliittiyhteys toimii Plash-Palatkassa paljon paremmin kuin noissa saksan vastaavissa telttakankaissa ja uniriepunakin on Plash-Palatka voittamaton :-)
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I would recommend for a friend

06.11.2016 (Edited 12.06.2017)
Excellent bit of kit, will last for a lifetime and is easily maintained, as its made of impregnated cotton its easily reproofed and/or waxed for weather resistance. It is also easily repaired with buttons or patches able to be sewn on. Excellent, very multifunctional and extremely tough bit of kit.
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I would recommend for a friend

Even though I haven't used it in the field, I can see why it's so popular: good fabric, easy to store (folded/rolled), lots of different uses, all at a reasonable price. Mine came without two buttons (a common thing with surplus stuff and easy to fix) and a footprint on the back (removed with a wet sponge). Finding the owner's name tag still attached was priceless and its value increased massively for me. The pleasure of buying surplus equipment.
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I would recommend for a friend

I would recommend for a friend

As if God intented it to be this way, a short but rather intense rain shower moved past my house just hours after my plash palatka arrived. So of course I immediately tested it out in my backyard.
It blocked the rain wonderfully, I could hear it hit the plash palatka like I was sitting in a very expensive tent. I even got visited by a bird who was looking for worms, he didn't even seem to notice I was there.

If I had to list a downside I would say it's a bit heavy. But only menly men who don't care about a little weight shop here right?
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I would recommend for a friend

Spot on piece of kit, mine came and shows zero signs of use what so ever. I've done a bit of reading up and if the reenactor's information is correct the Plash Palatka I received dates from the Second World War! Apparently post war models have brass grommets and metal buttons (like the NVA equivalent) where as the one I have has the wooden toggles and sewn leather grommets. If it's truly that old there's no wonder it stank so bad of old warehouse. Thankfully that washed straight out and I've been left with a very cool piece of history.
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