Soviet parade boots #4

Soviet parade boots #4

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Soviet parade boots, a nice pair of traditional military / old time footwear. These are more neat in appearance than field boots but still hold up well in use, no cheapo shit here. One-off piece!

Full leather including the sole, with rubber tap sole and heel piece. The sole is nailed on. These extend just below the knee. Inside the shaft these have a leather lining.

The size is 42 (270 mm), with a Russian "wide" last. User's recommended foot length 270 mm. Measure yours by placing your foot on paper and drawing the outline. Then measure the longest distance from heel to toe.

No insoles included. The total inside length of the boot is 280 mm, so a 270 mm long foot would have 10 mm room for toes.

38 cm circumference on the mouth of the shaft. Height from ground to top 46 cm. Will not fit mega calves.


In basically new old stock condition, with no signs of real use.

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