Soviet officer's tie, surplus

Soviet officer's tie, surplus

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In Soviet Union they issued only the best for officers, as is evident from this tie. All ready for customer service applications, being an elastic clip-on model. How about that! This officers' model has a "very fancy" decorative pattern on it and lengthwise is the same as modern ties.

Wet nights downtown, weddings, a quiet evening with Monopoly... there are numerous reasons to wear an anti-strangling tie. Fortunately the Ministry of Customer Service in Soviet Union has developed this product to ease the daily lives of officials dealing with the proletariat class. Not only pre-tied strictly according to the regulations, but also equipped with an adjustable elastic band and a clip pair, enabling safe strangling experience for the wearer and a quick way to get rid of it when the day at the office ends.

An official CCCP product

Real deal unissued Soviet surplus. Very exotic.


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