Soviet officer's jackboots with rubber sole, surplus

Soviet officer's jackboots with rubber sole, surplus

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Soviet officer's field boots, a nice pair of traditional military / old time footwear. Made thick and strong leather with nailed-on sole, complete with a thick "micropore" rubber outsole glued on top of it. Will not break ever! Good purchase, yes!

Inside the shaft these have a partial leather lining, but otherwise they are just single layer construction. This kind of quality cannot be found these days from any store, you would have to order a custom pair. If you need just one pair of boots for the rest of your life, try these. Being officer issue, these are better made than the enlisted men's shit boots. They extend just below the knee.

The leather deserves a special mention. It's stuff particular to Russia, simply known as "Russia Leather", made of cow. In the making process they apply birch oil to the flesh side, and this apparently makes the leather very resistant to wear & elements. The leather is strong and thick yet surprisingly supple.

Take care of them with grease and polish. Remember the seams and crevices.

Size info

The sizes are standard EU/French sizes, with user's recommended foot length in millimetres. Measure yours by placing your foot on paper and drawing the outline. Then measure the longest distance from heel to toe. Very close, but still not over the given number? Good, you have a fit! Maybe! Remember, these do form to your feet.

No insoles included. Definitely do get a pair.


These are practically new old stock, some pairs have seen just a tiny bit of use. Condition could be described as excellent/NOS.

Employee's comments

Out of the box these are rather stiff and unforgiving. When you start the long process of walking them in, do use good insoles and double socks. I would suggest a snug fit to start with - in use the leather inner sole will "dent" and form to your feet and so will the outer leather. These will challenge you for quite some time, do not expect them to be like fluffy sneakers.

Otherwise you'll feel pretty invincible in these, and surprisingly the sole has a decent grip even on ice (disclaimer: stilll, no rubber is truly grippy on ice). After the breaking in process you probably have grown as a human being and as a bonus, own a damn fine pair of boots. If you recognized yourself, give us your money and come walk down the Via Dolorosa!

Henri L.
Henri L.

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These are a great pair of boots. Mine came unissued and they are built like a tank! When you wear these boots you could tap dance in a mine field all the way to the gulag!
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