Soviet officer's jackboots with leather sole, surplus

Soviet officer's jackboots with leather sole, surplus

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Soviet officer's service boots. Thick, strong "Russia leather", very special stuff in these parts. Full leather, including soles! Well OK, some have rubber tap heels. Very random availability.

Nailed-on soles, leather lining on the inside of the shaft. The last is actually shaped like the human foot, it's not pointy or nasty or anything. Nice. The leather used on the uppers is, according to Wikipedia, the "Yalovka" type, which is the fancier style of the special Russian leathers. It certainly feels pretty damn solid. Build quality is Russian, i.e. not very pretty on the small details, but functional.

Keep them in shape with polish and grease. Pay extra attention to crevices when servicing. The leather sole can be treated with tar if you are really into it, or just walked flat and then replaced with a rubber slab for that modernist touch.

Size info

Sizes in the EU/French system with Soviet size in the brackets (suitable foot length in millimetres), and run large enough for a pair of footwraps or woolen socks, but not exactly oversized winter boots.


Sometimes just slightly used, in many cases pretty much new old stock, all in great shape. It's a lot of boot for the money, and although a bit expensive for a surplus item, very cheap for what they are. Go on, check what a pair of new-made leather boots with similar features cost, if you can find any.

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Varusteleka employee 27.09.2018

Kunnollisia miesten nahkasaappaita ei löydy isoimmistakaan kaupoista, mikä juttu se oikein on. Onneksi itänaapuri teki tämmöistäkin perinnemallia vaikka kuinka paljon. Itätuotteena työn jälki on aika krouvia, mutta sopii tyyliin, ja kuluessaan kaikki vähänniinkuin tasoittuu ja saappaat saavat enemmän ilmettä. Laita näihin hyvät pohjalliset ja huolla kunnolla öljyllä ja rasvalla.

Varustelekan henkilökuntaan kuuluvana asiana mun mielipiteeni voi olla puolueellinen, mutta nää on oikeesti tosi päheet vanhan ajan nahkasaappaat, jos nahkasaappaista tykkäät. Joo, SA saappaat ovat toki toistaiseksi halvemmat, mutteivät yhtään niin eksoottiset. Sitä paitsi näiden nahka on parempaa.
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