Soviet navy wool coat, black, surplus -
Soviet navy wool coat, black, surplus

Soviet navy wool coat, black, surplus

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Tired of the traditional Pea Coat? Why not try the much more imposing and impressive Soviet model! It's the stuff fashion garments are modeled after. Of course, this is the real deal and not a copy with a fancy name attached to it. Very random, very limited availability.

Granted, the traditional navy Pea Coat is a timeless classic. But for those who feel it's so last season should try the more eccentric Soviet model - the shiny brass buttons extend almost to the shoulder seam and coupled with the sharp cut, the coat makes even the thinnest nerd look like something out of a Marvel comic.

Naturally these are made of thick, durable, rough wool fabric and lined with flannel. Usually wool just requires some airing out to make it fresh again, you should spare it from washing as long as possible. On a related note, these might have some old Soviet warehouse odours on them. They will leave with time.

Size info

First the Russian GOST size, then recommended height & chest circumference in centimetres. These fit best for normal body types - chest about 12 cm wider than the waist. The cut is pretty tight and does not flatter beerbellies at all.


We'll occasionally get a couple of these, but the size sortiments are totally random, as are the delivery dates. Please don't ask, because we probably won't know.

Russian navy surplus

Made in Russia to a high standard. Not necessarily pretty down to the last detail, but really durable stuff.

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Käsittämättömän hienoa villasarkaa - Paksua, kestävää mutta hyväntuntuista. Flanellivuori myös silkinpehmeä ja mukava päällä. Hartioiden ja hihojen kohalta just sopivasti tilaa, on särmä ja varaa heiluakin vähän. Kannattaa ehdottomasti sijoittaa takkiin sit kun taas tulee. Puoli tähteä lähtee siitä ettei ole (oma takki ainakaan) niin slim fit vyötärön kohdalta, mitä kuvat antoi ymmärtää mutta mitäpä ei ompelijalla korjauttais. Kerrassaan päheä ja käytännöllinen takki!
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