Soviet navy officer's greatcoat, Rear Admiral

Soviet navy officer's greatcoat, Rear Admiral

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A thick black woollen Soviet officer's greatcoat with the rank of Rear Admiral, very high up the tree. One-off piece!

A classic prancy two-row model with satin lining, complete with shoulder boards denoting rank.

This must be a tailor-made item. Would fit someone about 168-172 cm tall, with a chest of 104-108 cm and waist of 92-96 cm. In other words EU size 52-54. Sleeve length from shoulder seam to cuff 63 cm. Comparable to US 42S.


In very good shape! Could even be used on Sunday strolls! If there's anything worth mentioning, it's the partially slightly loose stitching on the other shoulder board.

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I have one of these coats, not this exact model, but one with a fur collar. It's absolutely fantastic, and the perfect winter coat. Super thick wool, very nice slick satin liner, and it's got an interior pocket perfect for a cell phone, wallet, or other rectangular shaped object of your choice. If you don't like the shoulder boards, don't worry, they'll come off with a pair of normal scissors or a seam ripper. The buttons are brass and very durable, but they may be in a little far into the coat, so they'll gently work their way out over time when you use them (But they won't fall out! Don't worry!). Can't recommend this style coat highly enough.
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