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Soviet marine leather boots #2

Soviet marine leather boots #2

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A pair of sturdy Soviet marine boots, tall model. Unissued, size EU 42!

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A pair of sturdy Soviet marine boots, tall model. Unissued, size EU 42!

Full leather model right down to the sole, which is nailed on leather midsoles. Upper made entirely of pretty good quality unlined leather. The top part of the shaft is lined with an additional cotton layer. The nose is more traditional, unreinforced model.

Size info

Size EU 42 or "270" in the Soviet system, which is first the recommended foot length in millimetres. US size 8½. These have plenty of room for socks, insoles and footwraps.


Care for your boots and they might care for you! Clean the boots with a moist rag and/or a brush. Apply grease and polish to the leather.


In beautiful unissued condition, just stored for a long time. Ready for wear as is, but we recommend giving them a good greasing before use. Consider installing rubber heel tops and foreparts, as leather soles are quite delicate especially in wet.


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Boris V. 25.09.2019
Sailors in the USSR wore boots. And of course not with leather soles
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