Soviet M43 Gimnasterka shirt, heavily used

Soviet M43 Gimnasterka shirt, heavily used

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Old Soviet Gimnasterka shirts, which soldiers had to enjoy through the latter part of the Great Patriotic War and long after that too! These seemed to be mainly 60's and 70's manufacture, but the model is still the classic M43. Not a very common sight these days. One-off lot!

The blouse is a traditional pull-on slavic model worn over the breeches, complete with a restricting collar and tiny pockets for personal stuff.

Made of quite thick diagonal weave cotton, Soviet brown of course. The button models vary, some are bright and shiny, some are subdued.

Size info

The sizes are originally in a 1, 2, 3 style system, usually illegible. We have deciphered all to user's approx. measurements; height and chest circumference in centimetres.


These are sometimes a bit rough, with faded fabric, possibly some holes or patched ones, maybe an occasional missing button. But each shirt is still very wearable, we have picked aside the most horrible ones. The condition is taken into account in the pricing. These very often have some marker pen scribbles or tags sewn on the inside, because they are from a movie wardrobe.

This item is from the Tuntematon sotilas movie wardrobe

We have been supplying stuff for the new Tuntematon sotilas (The Unknown Soldier) movie and this item has been in the film wardrobe. We cannot guarantee it was actually used on set or has any screen time. The item usually has various property markings; old Milform wardrobe, our own, and of course various tags from the Tuntematon sotilas movie set, many of these permanent. These are size markings, names etc. All markings are placed in a way they do not show outside when the item is used.

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I don't own this, but i do have the M35 which is literally the same but with a different collar design, i do however own a telogreika with this type of collar.

They're made like a tank, nothing breaks up on these, literally. They're very comfortable and have a lot of free space if you buy the correct size, but make sure you don't buy a too small one since if you do, its impossible to button the collar without choking to death.

In any real use these are completely useless, thus my rating, only pockets are the ones you see on the chest and they're very hard to button, i despise you if you even considered wasting something like this unnecessarily, they're a good option for WW2 reenactment.
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