Soviet GP-5 gas mask with bag, black, surplus

Soviet GP-5 gas mask with bag, black, surplus

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Leave it to the Russians to use a rubber sock as a gas mask for a century. Apparently the manufacture ceased along with Soviet Union, but modern Russia still uses this type - it does work, after all. Included is a cotton carry bag.

Filter not included.

This general configuration has been used in Russia from the days of WWI, and reached it's current looks in WW2. This is the most basic infantry model, just plain sock with glass eye pieces. Most of these are civilian GP-5 masks, some might be Schm-41 military masks. As a liberal, Western army shop, we are against segregation it it's all forms, so you don't get to pick between civilian and military masks. You wouldn't be able to tell them apart anyway.

As always, we sell these only as collectibles and wall hangers, not for protection from anything. Hell, they might even be dangerouts to your health.

Old Soviet stocks

Unissued but stored for a long time, might have some talcum powder and such.


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