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Soviet fur-flannel mittens, black, surplus

Soviet fur-flannel mittens, black, surplus

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What's black, warm and stinky? That's right, it's these Soviet army mittens! These traditional handwarmers look like something straight outta 1800's despite being Cold War or early 90's manufacture.

These have a separate trigger or tickling finger, but your hand will also fit inside the "main space" if you just want to keep warm without fiddling with things. The inside is lined with flannel and fur, these are suprebly warm if not anything else. Top material is cotton, naturally.

There may be different sizes or not, but all are pretty big.


Most are unissued, some are used, all require some proper airing and dusting out. The gulag smell will probably dissipate with use.


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I would not recommend to a friend

They are too thick to use, ideal just to warm your hands, but need to remove them to pick anything up.
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I would recommend for a friend

21.12.2019 (Edited 21.12.2019)
Like the previous reviewer stated, these are very thick. However, I should say that it is indeed possible to "use" them - the 'trigger finger' is quite utilitarian.
Very warm indeed. They have a patch of flannel along the inside of the wrist but are otherwise fully lined with fur (not sure about the 'trigger finger', though), something that is not evident from the picture. Mine are clearly NOS, unused and actually NOT dirty. The 'stink' is l definitely not as bad as with a lot of other surplus gear; not noteworthy at all with the pair I received. All in all 5 out of 5
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