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Soviet Field Spade, Surplus, Unissued

Soviet Field Spade, Surplus, Unissued

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Genuine Soviet army field spades! Even Soviet Union did not manage to ruin a simple shovel, so these are near indestructible but still easy to repair if necessary.

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Genuine Soviet army field spades! Even Soviet Union did not manage to ruin a simple shovel, so these are near indestructible but still easy to repair if necessary.

Length just a tad over 60 cm (24,4"), weight about one kilogram (about 2,2 lbs). Constructed in a simple manner: the thick wooden shaft is just stuffed into its slot and fastened with some screws. In the very unlikely case of the shaft breaking, open the screws, pull the broken bit out, carve a new shaft, stick it in and clamp it back on.

We've seen crappier spades definitely, and these have that historical look to them. Combine that with the relatively low collectible value (at least now) and you have a versatile, usable piece for re-enacting too.

This is essentially the same article as Cold Steel's "Spetsnaz" shovel, but the real deal Soviet item. Also, these of course aren't sharpened for your throwing showoffs. Of course nothing's stopping you from sharpening it.

Genuine army surplus

Curiously these are unissued. Either they have been found from some old Soviet base in Europe, or someone went through a lot of trouble to get them out of Russia.

Availability: Now we got some. Tomorrow we may have none.


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2 ratings
I would recommend for a friend

02.05.2020 (Edited 02.05.2020)
Looks to be original shovel heads on a new-made but crude and unfinished handle. Not sure of the material. Almost looks like pine, but don't quote me on that. Longer than the originals. Couldn't say if the paint on the blade is original or not. Will need a fair bit of sharpening before it's of any use, but that's normal for these. Mine had only one screw rather than two - seems like a defect in production. The second hole is there but it's in the wrong place, overlapping where the socket forms. Is cheap. Go for it.
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I would recommend for a friend

06.07.2020 (Edited 06.07.2020)
the original is called MPL-50, that is "small infantry shovel", with the length of 50 cm.
the length was exactly calculated for its purpose: digging in under fire, either in lying position or on your knees.
this one seems to be 10 cm longer, maybe someone thought that people have grown larger since WW-2. longer handle is maybe why they got surplussed.

it is an awesome tool, and the mark on the metal is like that of the real thing, you can keep one in each car you own, to dig it out, or to stand your ground in road rage or whathaveyou. folding NATO spades are not nearly as good tools, they have multiple weak points, and the compactness is the only thing going for them.

its collectibility... depends, stamps with errors are more collectible than correct ones - but spades are not stamps. you could just adjust the handle and sharpen the blade, and no-one will know it from 100% correct item.
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