Soviet enema nozzle piece, plastic, surplus

Soviet enema nozzle piece, plastic, surplus

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A plastic ("Ebonite") mouth piece made as an everyday accessory for an enema, Soviet origin of course. "Mouth piece" being a funny word by the way in this case, as, well, you know. The plastic nozzle is pretty humane by the fact that it's very difficult to break in use, unlike the glass variation. On the other hand it doesn't give as much satisfaction from successful use.

Meant to be attached to a rubber tube which is then connected to the enema pot. Outside diameter of the tube end 10 mm. Standard PVC tubing will work, just remember that the standard ones are not usually designed to handle high temperatures (over 65 degrees Celsius).


Genuine Soviet manufacture, old but definitely not used, or alternatively washed extremely well. In all reality we leave it to your consideration to stick or not to stick Soviet plastic up your ass.

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