Soviet canteen with cover, unissued

12.99 USD
Soviet canteen with cover, unissued
Price 12.99 USD. In stock 0 pcs. Saatavana käytettynä!
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A leather carrier for the German WW1 & WW2 straight spade. A must-have for any serious reenactor, worn, of course, with a spade. This was one of the more commonly worn items.

The standard Personal Hydration Complex, with Belt Device! This model has stayed more or less the same since the times of the Great War, and is still going strong!

A very simple aluminum canteen with an equally simple pouch. Volume probably 0,85 litres. The colour is a special Soviet blend of greenish brown with a hint of mud and despair. The belt loop can be opened, which is a subliminal socialist way of communicating that you should be as flexible to the demands of the state as well.

Might come with dents and scratches and other marks of long storage, but these are still unissued. We do, however, recommend cleaning them before use.

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4/5 06.06.2016
I would recommend for a friend
I would recommend for a friend
Its great quality, and these are still used today, rare or not. When i initially got it it was brand new condition, i got a later model (painted brown, i think WW2 model was plain aluminium), beware though, since these are very cheap, the paint scratches off easily, and i've heard it gets bent holed easily, and the button of the pouch is a bit loosely attached. If you are having problems with the belt strap being too small or short (hooking the button is hard/impossible), know that the strap stretches out with use.

If you want a good canteen buy something else, this really is for collectors.
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