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Soviet canteen, surplus

Soviet canteen, surplus

Price 6.99 USD excluding VAT

This standard Soviet issue water bottle has stayed more or less the same since the times of the Great War, and is still going strong! No pouch included with these.

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This standard Soviet issue water bottle has stayed more or less the same since the times of the Great War, and is still going strong! No pouch included with these.

A very simple aluminum canteen. Volume probably 0,85 litres. The colour is a special Soviet blend of greenish brown with a hint of mud and despair, left untreated on the inside of the bottle.


Even though the bottles would be issued to Soviet soldiers as is, the European Union probably thinks these are not fit for drinking purposes. If you happen to consider using it as an actual hydration bottle, we have some tips for preparing it before first use:

  • 1. Fill the bottle with sand and shake it for about 5 minutes. Pour the sand out.
  • 2. Wash the bottle and fill it again with water containing baking soda. Let sit for the night.
  • 3. Pour the water out and wash the bottle with regular bottle brush, rinse afterwards.
  • 4. The bottle is now ready for use.


Although most of these appeared unissued, it might come with dents and scratches and other marks of long storage. We do recommend cleaning before use.


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I would not recommend to a friend

Löytyy mokoma koska keräilen neuvosto tavaraa, todella kurja juttu, hikoilee vettä ihan jumalattomasti, ei pysy itsekseen pystyssä, ketku tulee irtoamaan korkista näinä lähikertoina, ja kolhuuntuu pelkästä tiputuksesta, ilman taskua en keksi tälle mitään käyttöä, mutta varalle nykyiselle on hyvä ostaa kun halvalla saa.
3 8 Report abuse
I would recommend for a friend

Cheap and cheerful but does the job
8 1 Report abuse
I would recommend for a friend

Hyvä ja kestävä kenttäpullo. itsellä löytyy näitä 3, jossa yhdessä on aito NL:n kenttäpullotasku 60-luvulta.
3 0 Report abuse
I would not recommend to a friend

30.09.2017 (Edited 17.06.2018)
The Item was in good condition, and very useable. However, it was date stamped 1992, which makes it impossible to have been a true Soviet used canteen. A real let down from a collector stand point. Perfectly functional as a canteen however.
14 26 Report abuse
I would recommend for a friend

I would recommend for a friend

Awesome, came brand spanking new. No chips on the paint or funk in the canteen. Beware, there are aluminum flakes so give these a good wash.
1 0 Report abuse
I would recommend for a friend

Well made canteen, the paint can come off of the chain easier than the rest of the canteen, and there's a small bit of unpainted area on my cap, but it works just as well as I needed it to. very few scratches and black stamp on the back appears to be partially missing, but no problem for me. Good product, gets the job done and fulfills its purpose well.
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I would recommend for a friend

I have two of them. One has a stamp date of 1955, and the other 1992. Both were in very good condition Again, when you buy military surplus, you pay your money and take your chances. I'm very happy with.
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I would not recommend to a friend

Olen joskus omistanut näitä jopa kolme kappaletta ja käytin niitä aktiivisesti. Lopulta päätin lopettaa itseni kiduttamisen, koska tämä on aika huono kenttäpullo, kun vertaa esimerkiksi Suomen armeijan kenttäpulloon. Pulloa ei pysy pystyssä pöydällä, vaan sen pystyasento on kyljellä maaten. Tätä ei saa fiksusti roikkumaan mihinkään ilman säilytystaskua ja korkin varmistusketju ei kantamista kestä. Pulloon kun laittoi vettä, niin siitä tuli aina sellainen jännä öljyinen maku. Pullon suuaukko on pieni, niin siihen on suhteellisen vaikea kaataa vettä ja puhdistaminen pulloharjallakin on vaikeampaa. Kolhiintuu erittäin helposti.

Mutta kaikesta huolimatta ajaa asiansa taskun kanssa. Sopivan kokoinen ja pitää sisällään vettä. Pullon saa talvella vaatteiden alle vartalon lähelle helposti muotonsa ansiosta, jotta veden saa pysymään sulana. Oma pulloni on vm 1971 ja olen sitä kymmenisen vuotta käyttänyt. Aluksi aktiivisemmin ja nyt harvemmin, mutta se toimii ja ajaa asiansa.
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