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Soviet AN-2 tool set, surplus

Soviet AN-2 tool set, surplus

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A simple tool set for repairing your Antonov AN-2 Kukuruznik plane. One-off lot!

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A simple tool set for repairing your Antonov AN-2 Kukuruznik plane. One-off lot!

When the AN-2 inexblicably catches fire during flight and even a bottle of vodka isn't enough to prevent the whole thing crashing into Ulan Bator, this 7 pc tool set comes in handy. The Soviet Union wasn't strong on maths, so every piece is made using excessive amount of steel as opposed to good design. The official instructions dictate that this set has to be stored on the center of the plane to keep the balance.

  • Small flathead screwdriver
  • Bigger but still pretty small flathead screwdriver
  • 11 / 14 mm wrench
  • 17 / 19 mm wrench
  • 22 wrench
  • A huge 36 mm wrench
  • A massive tool which looks like it's meant to open up a bicycle's bottom bracket, but is just too large for that
  • A really nice heavy canvas tool roll - this might be the most useful and nicest part in the set!
  • Tool roll dimensions with tools 25 x 9 cm, opened up 25 x 49 cm
  • Total weight 1,5 kg


Pretty much unused, but not perfect: the tools might have slight surface wear and light rust, but each and every piece is intact and completely fir for purpose. Being Soviet, all of these imperfections might as well been there when the set first rolled out from the factory.


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