SOG Baton multi-tool

58.99 - 81.99 USD
SOG Baton multi-tool
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The SOG Baton is a family of multi-tools that might as well be a group of RPG or comic book characters: each have their specialty, but they have common traits that bind them together. Unfortunately you can't assemble one giant multi-tool from all four together.

The Batons are designed to be carried every day. They are not only thin, but narrow too, so they fit into a pen pocket or breast pocket on your shirt. At a glance it doesn't even look like a tool, which is nice and covert in many cases. People get so fussy over things these days. While the looks are non-intimidating to the untrained eye, people who know what a kubotan is might see one here as well.

Q1, emphasis on scissors

The primary tool of this model are scissors. They are spring-loaded, bigger and more comfortable than any scissors found on regular multi-tools, so if you need scissors a lot, this is a good choice. Full feature list:

  • Spring-loaded scissors
  • Cartridge ballpoint pen
  • Bottle opener
  • Medium flat screwdriver
  • Pocket clip

To open the scissors, grab the Baton Q1 from both ends, pull apart and fold. Keep your fingers clear of the area where the two halves meet. To close, fold back "too much" until a stop and push together. Initially the ends don't seem to align, but as the tool closes it will straighten out.

  • Length: 151 mm
  • Weight: 68 g
  • Blade material: 5Cr15MoV
  • Ink cartridge: D1 67 mm

Q2, knife and torch

The Q2 is something a modern MacGyver could carry. Much like the traditional Swiss Army Knife, it's essentially a small knife with a few extra features. The blade is actually fixed and the other half of the Baton Q2 folds out of the way, so it won't snap and cut your fingers in any direction. Full feature list:

  • Straight-edge knife
  • 75 lumen LED torch
  • Bottle opener
  • Medium flat screwdriver
  • Pocket clip
  • Lanyard string hole

To access the knife, grab the black torch-end of the tool, press the release tab and fold the grey handle away from the blade. The torch is turned on and off by rotating the bezel and runs on a single AAA battery for 30 minutes. The tool meets the FL1 standard for water-resistance and survives a 1 metre drop.

  • Length: 162 mm
  • Blade length: 62 mm
  • Weight: 85 g
  • Blade material: 5Cr15MoV

Manufactured by SOG

Made in China. Covered for manufacturing and material defects for 10 years after the original purchase.

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