Sewing service, sew-on insignia for clothing or equipment -
Sewing service, sew-on insignia for clothing or equipment

Sewing service, sew-on insignia for clothing or equipment

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Insignia sew-on service, if you're too much of a man to handle a needle and thread yourself. Service valid only for stuff bought from us!

Since our tailoring services are mainly targeted at our domestic clientele, this English version is a bit simplified to say the least. Basically what we do is charge 42,00 € / hour for any tailoring jobs, meaning half an hour of work costs you 21,00 €, two hours 84,00 € and so forth.

We can basically make anything for you, contact us for further information:

Also, if you're in the mood, you can just run the Finnish version of this page through Google Translate for more info, and a good laugh!

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Koskee vain meiltä ostettuja tuotteita! Onko ihan ehdoton, jos teiltä ei tuotetta löydy? M65 ja M51: n teillä merkit ommeltu, tyytyväinen olen ollut työn jälkeen. Nyt olis tuote, jota ei teiltä löydy, onnistuuko about 7 merkkiä?
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