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Savotta Weapon Sling 6

Savotta Weapon Sling 6

Price 9.99 USD excluding VAT

Here's a simple sling for your hunting rifle or shotgun. Very many features: it can be installed to 3/4" mounts and removed, and it has anti-slip material weaved into it.

  • In stock 56 pcs. Also available in our walk-in store. Sold 2 pcs in the last two weeks.
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Here's a simple sling for your hunting rifle or shotgun. Very many features: it can be installed to 3/4" mounts and removed, and it has anti-slip material weaved into it.

  • Length: 93 cm (36")
  • Width: 35 mm (1 3/8")
  • Width of attachment loops: 19 mm (3/4")
  • Weight: 90 g
  • Materials: Nylon strap with anti-slip weave
  • Colour: Some Kind of Interesting Green (tm)

The colour will put all the tacticool combat fans off, but is the bees knees on an honest traditional hunting tool. In fact this is such a peaceful-looking accessory to your firearm, that if you're counting "Assault Weapon Points", you get to deduct one point when you install this. So you can actually have a pistol grip as well as the shoulder thing that goes up. Remarkable!

Fun talk aside, this is really a high-quality Finnish-made sling for friends of simplicity.

Made by Savotta

Finn-Savotta Ltd. from Karstula is a globally established manufacturer of hunting gear and accessories as well as various outdoor and military carrying solutions (rucksacks, combat vests, pouches etc.) with top-quality western production within EU.


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2 ratings
I would recommend for a friend

You have to keep in mind it's a 10$ sling and for this price it's pretty damn awesome.

I'm not a huge fan of the "tactical" market of "7-point 18-direction-adjustable slippery magpul nylon with QDs everywhere that weighs 2 pounds" slings so this was an interesting find for me. Put it on my AK and it works pretty great. There are a few things to note - the plastic buckles/sliders and the black fabric that you use to make adjustments do feel a bit cheap (but again - it's a 10$ sling!) and I could see them being a point of failure. The main fabric of the sling itself is a completely different story and I doubt it'll ever wear out.

I also bought this mainly for the anti-slip weaving which I have to say works very well. It's as if they wove rubber bands into the fabric. It has less slip than a cotton web sling. Again this isn't a "tactical" thing you're going to be using to throw your rifle around your body during drills, more for simply carrying a rifle from A to B, so you want a lot of grip.

Again, for 10$ it's a steal. Although it's advertised for "weapons", if you don't like it as a sling it could be easily repurposed as a shoulder strap for a lightweight duffel bag.
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I would recommend for a friend

Put it on my over-under shotgun, unexpectedly very good. It's no cheap nylon lanyard, but a great quality one, and it grips pretty well. It also seemed to me it looked kinda teal/blueish, but it really is green. Only negative point is that it's a bit on the short end, but not dramatically so.
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