Savotta rifle bag 22, 130 cm

24.99 EUR
Savotta rifle bag 22, 130 cm
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A traditional very simple rifle bag, unpadded, lightweight and very well made. Attachment points for a sling (no sling included).

Length 130 cm, height about 25 cm. Most rifles, shotguns and assault rifles will fit inside. The material is cotton canvas, leather and polyamide webbing.

Made by Finn-Savotta Oy

Founded in 1955 Finn-Savotta, or just Savotta, is known for their simplistic and extremely rugged designs. For decades Savotta has been the go-to supplier of hiking gear for the Finnish civilian market and combat gear and tents for the defence forces.

Today Savotta operates two factories, one in Karstula, Finland, where they make all their tents and metal components and one in Estonia where they do about 50% of their sewing.

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