Savotta JSP Tent package

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Savotta JSP Tent package
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The Sawu (as in Savu = Smoke) is an evolution of the standard Finnish military 60´s tent stove. A relatively lightweight and portable little tin bucket. This is really nothing fancy but just about as good a stove as you can get without adding any fancy extra oddities, simple and very user friendly. It is even rahter lightweight, only 6,50 kg!

A high group tent, officially a medical tent. These are nice and roomy, perfect for a bunch of people or as a vendor tent. These are made by Savotta in Finland, very bombproof quality!

Technical data:

  • Material: moldproofed, fire retardant treated thick polycotton fabric
  • Surface area: 13 m²
  • Diameter: 400 cm
  • Highest spot: 230 cm
  • Side height: 140 cm
  • Weight: tent about 18 kg, poles about 4,5 kg
  • Package contains: tent, poles and pegs.

Officially meant for 10 people, the JSP tent provides plenty of room to move around thanks to the side height of 140 cm. Fully stove compatible with its metal reinforced pipe port. Roof seams taped waterproof, windows are impact and frost resistant.

Made in Karstula, Finland. Factory new.

Unfortunately not shipped abroad, sorry!

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