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Särmä TST Tourniquet pouch

19.99 EUR
Särmä TST Tourniquet pouch
In stock 81 pcs
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TacMed SOF-T Tourniquet

TacMed SOF-T Tourniquet

37.99 EUR

A tourniquet is a must have piece for any first aid kit. The The SOF Tactical tourniquet by TacMed excels in extreme reliability and strength. The machined aluminium hardware can take a beating and works flawlessly in any temperature and climate.

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Särmä TST blood type patch, olive drab, velcro

Särmä TST blood type patch, olive drab, velcro

1.99 EUR

Blood type patch with velcro backing.

Särmä TST Admin-2 pouch w/ side pocket

Särmä TST Admin-2 pouch w/ side pocket

29.99 EUR

Everybody needs their own "field office", this admin pouch is a tried and tested common design, two flat compartments and a tool pocket on the outside. Fits all your little notebooks etc. and has generous velcro for name, rank and silly "Cock Sucking Crusader" patches on the front. On the side we have a separate compartment for tools or a tourniquet. Finnish MILSPEC quality!

Kaaos Gear Compact Tear-off IFAK

Kaaos Gear Compact Tear-off IFAK

69.99 EUR

A compact size IFAK, still large enough to fit all life saving EMT gear you need. Tear-off design, the pouh can be quickly ripped off it´s mount for very easy access to the contents. Proper Finnish made quality gear!

Kaaos Gear Tear-off IFAK

Kaaos Gear Tear-off IFAK

79.99 EUR

A standard size IFAK, designed and made to measure to fit exactly the medical gear issued to Finnish SF personnel. Tear-off design, the pouh can be quickly ripped off it´s mount for very easy access to the contents. Proper Finnish made quality gear!

Särmä TST Medical patch

Särmä TST Medical patch

2.99 EUR

A small velcro patch indicating the presence of medical supplies or aid. Velcro attachment for pouches, packs and clothing. Size 4 x 4 cm. The full colour version also doubles up as a Swiss flag!

An extremely simple tourniquet pouch, made from extremely strong military webbing with a quick and easy to use velcro flap. A true "Keep It Simple, Stupid" design, it doesn´t get much more simple and functional than this. Fits the most common military tourniquets (CAT, SOF-T etc.). Finnish MILSPEC quality!

  • PALS/MOLLE attachment.
  • Simple and reliable velcro flap closure.
  • Wide elastic band on the sides, fits snugly around different types of tourniquets.
  • Strong construction, the main body is made from a length of 40 mm military webbing.
  • The loop at the end of the flap can be used to tie a length of bright cordage for visibility.

Finnish MILSPEC materials

These pouches are made from the same materials that are used in the production of the Finnish military M05 combat equipment. NIR compliant etc., naturally.

Varusteleka Särmä TST

Särmä TST is our own family of specialized military gear. All Särmä TST stuff is made in co-operation with Finnish military manufacturers, the most important thing for us is high quality MILSPEC grade materials and construction. This is kit that you can trust to really take a beating! Check out the rest too: Särmä TST.

Made in Finland/Estonia

These are made by Finn-Savotta Oy, our subcontractor for all Särmä TST field gear. Materials are cut and prepared in Finland, assembled in Estonia. This is because of two reasons: first of all Finn-Savottas production schedules are so packed full of huge military orders that we'd have to wait months to get these sewn in Finland. The second thing is that this way we can cut the retail price by a third! Quality wise these are the same as Savotta's Finnish sewn stuff, so no worries there.

Product reviews

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Jokusen hetken nyt ollut kannossa, perinteinen pros-n-cons

+ Ei oikein simppelimmäksi enään mene, hintakin kohdillaan vs. muut länsimaissa tuotetut
+ Suuaukko ylöspäin molleen kytkettynä jykevä tuotos
+ CAT ja SOFT menee, uskoisin että myös MJK yhteesopiva
+ Velcroa kylliksi, tasku pysyy kiinni ryynätessä - läpivienti lenkille hyvä idea vaikka käytännössä esim. hanskojen kanssa vähemmän käytettävä idea kun mitä voisi luulla. Markkerina varmasti hyödyllisempi.
+ Majuriturvataso 90%
+ vs. kuminauhapatentit: Edes jotain suojaa luonnonvoimilta.

- Kovin hontelon oloinen "ylösalaisin" kytkettäessä - kiinnike kuitenkin pisimpiä mitä vastaan tullut, voi olla että tarpeeksi laajaan nauhakujakenttään tämän saisi tiukennettua ylimääräisellä läpiviennillä
- Erityisesti CAT:in kanssa sai ensimmäisillä kerroilla kikkailla ja virpoa mitenpäin oikein taittelisi että muoviosat ei vahingossakaan nappaisi alareunastaan avonaiseen kuminauhaan kiinni. SOFT meni heittämällä.
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