Särmä TST RP80 recon pack

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Särmä TST RP80 recon pack
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The RP80 is a large, top and bottom loading sustainment pack that carriers enough gear to keep you going for weeks. Although streamlined and straightforward the pack design offers almost endless possibilities for modular scaling and optimizing. Extra effort has been put into making the carry system as solid and comfortable as possible.

Assembly and height adjustment

The RP80 is delivered unassembled. Assembling the pack and adjusting the height is your first challenge before taking your new pack into service. Understanding the construction, assembly and height adjustment of the pack are all equally important, so assemble and adjust with thought and care! Here are detailed instructions for RP80 pack assembly and adjustment.

  • Volume 20/80 l (compressed/full).
  • Total weight 3700 g.
  • Adjustable carry system for user heights 160-200 cm.
  • Top loader with bottom zipper access, optional space divider inside.
  • Vertical design allows unrestricted arm movement when skiing.
  • PALS webbing for attaching pouches and gear.
  • MILSPEC materials, 1000D Cordura and DUR-aluminium.
  • Made in Finland and Estonia.

We designed the RP80 to meet a number of clear objectives: be straightforward and reliable, highly scalable and modular and the carrying system should outperform the current competition. Like most other Särmä TST gear the RP80 was made in cooperation with Finn-Savotta Oy, Finlands leading manufacturer of hiking and military gear, the materials used and construction of the RP80 are 100% Finnish MILSPEC.

Designed to meet the specific needs of especially Nordic and Arctic users, this requires large backpacks to be tall and slim, not short and wide as most European and American designs. A vertical design keeps the weight closer and above your center of gravity and spine. Most importantly it allows for unrestricted arm and elbow movement when skiing.

The pack bag

  • Max. dimensions 85 x 37 x 25 cm + bottom corner pouches.
  • Total volume 80 liters.
  • Weight 1700 g.
  • Drawcord divider inside, top compartment height 60 cm, bottom compartment height 25 cm.
  • Roll top closure with added security/compression strap.
  • Zippered bottom flap with two security/compression straps.
  • Two large baggy bottom corner pouches. Volume approx. 2,5 liters per pouch.
  • Two 75 cm long compression/tie down straps on each side.
  • Hydration bladder compartment inside.
  • Two horizontal tie down straps inside against the back.
  • Carry handles on the sides and lower back.
  • A seamless, uninterrupted 7 x 22 PALS matrix goes around the whole upper half of the bag.
  • Two vertical attachment point straps along the back.

Carrying system

DUR-aluminium frame

The frame was designed especially for the RP80 rucksack, we didn´t simply take some outdated design and recycle it. Compared to the decades old Finnish military issue frames this one has a bottom shelf, wider and taller overall dimensions and two parallel vertical reinforcement rods on both sides of the center instead of a single centered one.

Maybe the most valuable feature of the RP80 carrying system is the adjustable back length. The system can be adjusted to fit users from 160 up to 200 cm tall.

Combined weight of the carry system (shoulder harness and hip belt) approx. 1260 g. Aluminium frame weight approx. 740 g.

Shoulder harness

Just like the frame we didn´t want to go the easy way with the shoulder harness either, these were designed from scratch. The end result is superior comfort in comparison to the old Finnish military issue systems.

The padding is thermal moulded and stitched onto 1000D Cordura on top of which all the straps etc. are bartacked. What really sets this design apart from the old Finnish military issue harnesses is the big pads against the back which really make a great difference compared to just a flat length of wide webbing.

The rucksacks back length and overall fit is adjusted by lowering or lifting the attachment height of the shoulder harness. The straps that run from the top of the shoulder harness to the frame are used to adjust balance on the go, by loosening the straps the pack hangs further away from your body and the weight is transferred onto the hips. By tightening the straps the pack moves closer to your body and more weight is put on the shoulders.

Hip belt

And once more, also the hip belt was designed from scratch instead of just copying some ancient Finnish military design. The hip belt is thoroughly padded and topped with PALS webbing for pouch attachment. The big lower back pillow can be opened up for the hip belt to be tucked away when you dont want to use it. The construction is overall really strongly padded and rigid.

Modular and configurable

Overall volume and many other features of the rucksack are easily modified according to user specific needs:

  • Tie-down straps: by running a couple of utility straps through the vertical attachment points on the back you can easily tie a sleeping mat or similar bundles to the far back of the pack.
  • Side pouches: add a few large utility pouches for extra pack volume and added organizing options.
  • Hip belt: attach a bunch of pouches here for easy access to critical gear.
  • Top lid: by adding a top lid you can add further organizing possibilites and attachment points for tie-down straps on the top of the pack.
  • Day packs: by clever use of the PALS matrix and side compressions traps you can easily attach smaller day packs to the far back of the pack.
  • And much, much more! Basically the only limit is your imagination.

Finnish MILSPEC materials

Made of the same materials and hardware (1000D Cordura, webbing, ITW Nexus buckles etc.) that are used in the production of the Finnish military M05 combat equipment. High quality, totally NIR compliant and all that, naturally.

Varusteleka Särmä TST

Särmä TST is our own family of specialized military gear. All Särmä TST stuff is made in co-operation with Finnish military manufacturers, the most important thing for us is high quality MILSPEC grade materials and construction. This is kit that you can trust to really take a beating!

Made in Finland/Estonia

These are made by Finn-Savotta Oy, our subcontractor for all Särmä TST field gear and the single largest manufacturer of military gear in Finland. The design work is naturally done in Finland, materials are prepared and shipped to Finn-Savottas Estonian factory where the gear is sewn, then it´s shipped to Finland for quality control. The shoulder harness padding and the welded aluminium frame are made in Finland.

Product reviews

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I would recommend for a friend
Very good external frame pack. Frame and carrying system remind me of my now retired Norröna-pack, only more refined and sturdier. And a little lighter too because of modern materials for hipbelt and shoulderstraps. I also like the modular concept and that the pack is not littered with molle/pals all over the place. Just enough to get the job done.

...Ok, if I were to criticise something, I do believe that the pack bag would work also with a little less molle/pals for me personally...

But all things considered, this is a very good pack and it will be a keeper :).

Ps: There really is no need for a sternum strap. Maybe I'll add one when I begin to use the pack for winter touring with a sled...
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