Särmä TST M05 Finnish flag patch, multicam

1.99 - 2.99 EUR
Särmä TST M05 Finnish flag patch, multicam
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Finnish national insignia in multicam-style colours, brown, khaki and green. Sized to fit the Finnish army M05 and M91 jackets sleeve velcro.

Size: 49-50 x 30 mm.

Varusteleka Särmä TST

Särmä TST is our own family of specialized military gear. All Särmä TST stuff is made in co-operation with Finnish military manufacturers, the most important thing for us is high quality MILSPEC grade materials and construction. This is kit that you can trust to really take a beating! Check out the rest too: Särmä TST.

Made in Finland

These are manufactured by patchmakers who've also made similar insignia for the Finnish army, quality stuff!

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