Särmä TST CP10 Mini Combat pack

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Särmä TST CP10 Mini Combat pack
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Särmä TST Equipment belt
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Särmä TST Equipment belt

36.99 USD

A simply clever PALS compatible belt, what sets this aside from full blooded battle belts is that this one is designed to also function as a backpack hip belt. Strap this onto your combat pack and enjoy the added comfort, stability and load balance. And naturally this gives you good space to attach extra pouches to, increasing your backpacks carry capacity.

Särmä TST General purpose pouch S
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Särmä TST General purpose pouch S

25.99 USD

A straightforward general purpose pouch with extra secure doubleclosure (SR buckle and a drawcord collar). The S model is narrow, but as tall as most Finnish military issue pouches, easy to fit in between magazine pouches due to the 2x4 PALS footprint.

Särmä TST Sling pad
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Särmä TST Sling pad

9.99 USD

A proper multi functional strap pad, fits any slings or shoulder straps up to 40 mm in width. Recommended for backpacks, weapon slings and chest rig shoulder straps, functions with pretty much any common strap you can find.

Source WLPS hydration reservoir, 3L

Source WLPS hydration reservoir, 3L

30.99 USD

Widepac Low Profile System - the name says it all! This hydration bladder is specially designed for comfortable carry in a backpack or combat vest.

Särmä TST Combat pack

Särmä TST Combat pack

135.99 USD

A straightforward, small-medium sized pack designed for quick access and carry of the most essential fighting gear. Not too many fancy little details and trinkets, just the things most people really need.

Särmä TST Backpack cover, M05 woodland camo

Särmä TST Backpack cover, M05 woodland camo

18.99 - 72.99 USD

A waterproof camouflage cover for backpacks, available in three sizes to fit anything from small combat packs to huge overpacked recon packs. Shields your pack from both rain and surveillance, including the NIR spectrum.

Särmä TST RP80 recon pack

Särmä TST RP80 recon pack

443.99 USD

The RP80 is a large, top and bottom loading sustainment pack that carriers enough gear to keep you going for weeks. Although streamlined and straightforward the pack design offers almost endless possibilities for modular scaling and optimizing. Extra effort has been put into making the carry system as solid and comfortable as possible.

ITW Tactical Toggle

ITW Tactical Toggle

0.99 USD

The Tactical Toggle is just that, like a good old duffle toggle but TACTICAL! A silent and extremely reliable closure system for a multitude of uses, these are most commonly used like buttons to attach and close pouches and gear.

Särmä TST General purpose pouch M

Särmä TST General purpose pouch M

27.99 USD

A straightforward general purpose pouch with extra secure double closure (SR buckle and a drawcord collar). Perfect for carry on a vest, backpack or belt. This medium sized model is ideal for most miscellaneous trinkets you need to carry, also doubles up as a water bottle pouch.

A smaller, lighter, sleeker variant of our full blooded Särmä TST Combat Pack. 10 liter volume, lots of PALS on the outside, a flat zippered pouch on the back, hydration bladder compartment on the inside, tie down straps against the back and a large mesh pocket on the inside of the panel lid.

  • Dimensions 36 x 24 x 11 cm. Volume 10 litres. Weight 700 g.
  • 3L hydration compartment, designed for the Source WLPS.
  • Tie-down straps with SR buckles for a 200 round PKM ammo box or radio.
  • Large mesh pocket inside the zip flap.
  • A small flat pouch on the outside, for cleaning kits and the like. D-ring attachment point inside.
  • PALS webbing on the bottom for securing gear, perfect for 1" utility straps.
  • PALS webbing on all three sides for attaching pouches, tie-downs and gear.
  • Strong carry handle with tube/wire/antennae velcro ports on the sides.
  • The shoulder straps are intentionally minimalistic for the lowest possible profile. They do not interfere when shouldering a weapon and can easily be upgraded with added padding if desired.
  • The shoulder straps have PALS webbing for attaching a sternum strap or hydration tubes.
  • 40 mm Tri-Glide buckles in the lower corners for attaching hip belt (belt not included).

Finnish MILSPEC materials

Made of the same materials and hardware (1000D Cordura, webbing, ITW Nexus buckles etc.) that are used in the production of the Finnish military M05 combat equipment. High quality, NIR compliant etc.

Varusteleka Särmä TST

Särmä TST is our own family of specialized military gear. All Särmä TST stuff is made in co-operation with Finnish military manufacturers, the most important thing for us is high quality MILSPEC grade materials and construction. This is kit that you can trust to really take a beating!

Sewn in Estonia

These are sewn for us by Savotta in Estonia. Savotta is the contractor for all Finnish army tents and load bearing equipment, this gear is made exactly to Finnish military spec.

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Toivoin tilatessani, että tämä olisi ollut iiiihan pikkasen pienempi kuin se sitten saapuessaan oli. Tosin olikin ihan täydellisen kokoinen loppujen lopuksi. Tosi hyvä selässä ja hihnat jus täydellisen levyiset ja muotoiset, mut jotenkin yks noista kiristysklipsuista/hihnon saumasta alhaalla raaputtaa kylkeen hiukkasen kun reppu on kireellä. Oon kai vähän vääränkokoinen. 4.5/5 suosittelen ehdottomasti "turisteilurepuksi" eli kamera, tabletti/kirja/lehti, juomapullo, sadetakki ja vähän muutakin ylimääräistä sälää mahtui täydellisesti kyytiin mut ei oo semmonen olo että kantaa rinkallista mukana.

Muoks: Oli pakko tulla takaisin ja antaa 5 tähteä (jos tää antais muokata tota :[ ), koska tää reppu on vaan niin helvetin hyvä! Suosittelen etenkin pyöräillä liikkuville ja naisille (sopivasti istuva ja tukeva, pienellekin ihmiselle). Tota aiemmin valittamaani klipsun hankaamistakaan ei ole enää ollut kun säädin vähän hihnoja.
Oikeasti. Paras pikkureppu ikinä.
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