Särmä Slap Wrap -reflector, 340 mm

2.99 USD
Särmä Slap Wrap -reflector, 340 mm
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Särmä reflector, iron cross

Särmä reflector, iron cross

5.99 USD

A large reflector to hang from your clothing, backpack etc. What makes these insurmountably cool is that they are designed by us - can't get these from anybody else!

Särmä reflective patch, 80 x 50 mm, velcro

Särmä reflective patch, 80 x 50 mm, velcro

4.99 USD

A simple reflective patch to slap onto any velcro surfaces you happen to be wearing. Please note that these do not fulfill the EN 13356 standard, which officially identifies an object as a reflector.

Everybody knows the slapwrap type reflectors? Good. Here's a high quality specimen (EN 13356, CE), which should last a long while unless you lose it. That's why you should get one for every jacket pocket.

This kind of a reflector is good looking and ours is made to very high quality standards. Easy to use: just straighten and slap on, it'll cling to you like a hungry monkey.

Width 3 cm, length 34 cm, complete with Varusteleka-text or just the hammer.

Factory new, made by Softreflector LLC, Estonia.

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On yks tollanen vanhempaa mallia kolmatta vuotta (ilman mitään logoja) - ei mahu hauiksen eikä mul(sensuroitu!) ympärille. mutta rotsin + ranteen ympäri menee tosi napakasti. Ei tipu takkia pois ottaessa ja on n. 5cm pidempi kuin honkkarista ostettu, eli pysyy hyvin...
Nyt ko on noin komeita, ni tilataan sittten vaikkei sponsorisopimusta olekaan
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