Särmä SkY M27 wool tunic

180.99 USD
Särmä SkY M27 wool tunic
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A serious reproduction of the model 1927 wool tunic as used by the Finnish Suojeluskunta (White Guard) personnel. A notably stylish cut, quality wool and surprisingly comfortable!

A bit of history

Suojeluskunta was the sort-of-a-civil-guard of Finland from 1918 to 1944 - it provided military training and a volunteer reserve for the army. The Allied commission banned the organization after the peace with Soviet Union in 1944. Although officially nonpolitical, Suojeluskunta had a strong heritage of the victorious white side of the Finnish civil war and had a definite right-wing touch in it.

Basically during the times before the Second World War the regular Finnish army and the Suojeluskunta organization both used the model 1927 uniform. However in the army the uniform was changed to the more plain gray model of 1936, while the Suojeluskunta personnel still retained the M27 getup, which was in many cases made personally for each man by a local tailor while the army uniforms were sort of mass-produced. During the Winter War they still wore the M27 uniforms, but by the time of the Continuation War these were more or less completely replaced by official army issue kit.

We modeled our reproduction tunic after examining a number of originals. The most exciting details are the bellowed breast pockets (which can be sewn "flat" very easily if so required) and three buttons in each cuff.

Cut and details

  • A form, but surprisingly active cut. Well, it IS a military coat anyway...
  • Hidden buttons on the front.
  • A large fold-down collar which can be flipped up for protection. The "all important" metal hooks are also present.
  • A fixed cloth belt which can be worn either inside or outside of the tunic.
  • Four pockets: two smaller ones on the breast, two larger ones on the hem.
  • Cuffs adjustable with buttons.

Made of proper wool fabric

80% wool and 20% polyamide, the partial lining is 100% cotton. The polyamide is there only to provide strength to the wool - these will probably serve longer than originals. However the blend works just as it should, i.e. it's essentially wool by all accounts.

For cleaning, usually just airing the garment out will be enough. For visible stains brushing should do the trick. If you really have to wash, do it with care using gentle wool cycle.

Size info

In the dropdown box, sizes are shown according to user's recommended measurements: first height, then chest circumference in centimetres. The fit like an old timey military jacket should, i.e. pretty form. However you'll have enough room for an extra sweater worn underneath, for example.

Below the true measurements of each size, these are measured directly from the garments:

Size Chest circumference Waist circumference Back length from the collar Sleeve length from the shoulder
Small Regular 106 93 73 66
Medium Regular 114 103 73 66
Large Regular 122 113 73 66
X-Large Regular 130 123 73 66
2X-Large Regular 140 135 73 66
3X-Large Regular 152 150 73 66
4X-Large Regular 165 165 73 66
Medium Long 114 103 78 70
Large Long 122 113 78 70

Varusteleka Särmä

Särmä is our own brand of clothing and equipment. When you're buying Särmä you're getting purpose built stuff at a decent price, something that will fill it's intended role well and not cost you an arm and a leg!

Made in Estonia.

Note: this might well be a one-off lot. IF we get more, it'll take at least a year.

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Being a buyer from the United States, it's honestly hard to find good surplus, let alone reproductions not made in China. When I saw this, I told myself, I totally want this! The construction is beautifully done, the wool feels really nice and soft as well as the cotton liner. once you put this tunic on, you truly feel the quality. the size truly is roomy so you can layer underneath.
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