Särmä M15 wool jacket hood, olive drab

29.99 EUR
Särmä M15 wool jacket hood, olive drab
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Now this is Something with a capital S! A high quality, modern military style wool jacket for demanding outdoors use. Functional design, high quality materials and excellent workmanship.

Protect yourself from wind, rain and other nastiness with this little upgrade for your Särmä M15 wool jacket! Buttons onto the jacket collar. Large size and very well adjustable to fit all head and headwear combos imaginable.

Some assembly required: the hood comes with five buttons for you to sew onto the collar of your jacket. The easiest way is to start from the middle button and work your way out along the sides using the hoods buttonholes as reference.

The peak offers extra protection against the elements and sunlight. The adjustment cords make it possible for the hood to sit on your head almost like a hat, keeping it from flopping around when moving. A button flap on the front adds an extra shield for your neck.


High quality European wool frieze

Wool is an incredible material for outdoors clothing, keeps you warm, dry and breathes better than anything. We're proud to say that this wool frieze is the best we could get our hands on! If you're going to make wool clothing you better do it properly, using cheapo wool would just throw the whole idea out the window. This material should satisfy even the most discriminating wool fanatics!

Content: 80% wool and 20% polyamide. The small polyamide content is added to the mix to reinforce the otherwise short fibred and therefore not-so-wear-resistant natural wool, making it tougher and more long lived.

The wool has been finished off with a treatment of DuPont Teflon coating, making it water and dirt repellent. As the treatment wears off you can always apply a coat of any textile WDR spray to restore it.

Wash and care

As these are made of wool we do not recommend machine washing! The best way to keep wool clothing clean is to simply brush off any dirt and if necessary wipe it with a wet cloth. Air dry only!


Two sizes, S-L for S, M and L size jackets, XL-3XL for XL, 2XL and 3XL jackets.

Varusteleka Särmä

Särmä is our own brand of clothing, accessories and gear. Our goal is to make functional clothing and other products for a multitude of uses and users. The M15 line of wool clothing is high quality outdoorswear, worth every penny!

Made in Estonia

To produce these we contacted Dewellton Oy, a Finnish clothing manufacturer best known as a supplier for the Finnish military. These are sewn in Estonia, Finland's Mexico, home to cheap booze, women and labour. Workmanship and quality control are top notch!

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Easily fitted to the jacket so long as you can sew on buttons. Very effective and I have just left it attached to the jacket as if it is cold enough for the jacket then It is cold enough to probably need the hood and it is quite out of the way unless going through dense woodland with lots of low hanging branches. Material is the same as the jacket and the colour match is perfect.
Minor gripe was that two cord locks required taking apart and the spring sorting out so that they worked properly but that was the work of a couple of minutes. Not a deal breaker.
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