Särmä knee socks, merino wool terry

18.99 USD
Särmä knee socks, merino wool terry
Olive green
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Särmä merino socks
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Särmä merino socks

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If you still use cotton socks, dump them now and get these instead. These are superb for outdoor use, but work just as well as formal wear too! These aren't thick, so they can be used around the year. Made with our own specs in Finland.

Särmä merino watch cap
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Särmä merino watch cap

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Standard woolly cap engineered to its full potential. Superb fit, uncompromising workmanship and the best possible materials don't come cheap but this one should last for a lifetime, provided you don't lose it.

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Särmä merino wool long johns, black

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As the weather gets cold and nasty, so do cotton undergarments. The answer is to switch to merino wool. These have a nice, snug fit for best functionality. We had these made in Lithuania just for us.

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Särmä TST boot socks, merino wool

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The Finnish army boots socks are real good, but make them out of quality merino wool and they get even better! Just like our army issue socks, but a little better in every way. The natural moisture wicking properties of merino wool make these a viable option for around the year use.

Särmä merino scarf

Särmä merino scarf

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A thick, warm, long, comfortable and fuzzy scarf, this truly is a luxurious specimen of its kind! Made of quality Merino wool and made right here in Finland. New colour: Oxblood!

Wool terry construction works amazingly well with socks, and even better with Merino wool. These knee-high socks are at their best during autumn, winter and spring, but thanks to the whole aforementioned terry thing, tend not to cause excessive sweating during summer months either. Made in Finland!

The speciality of these socks is the terrycloth fabric. The inside of the sock is full of small loops, just like on your standard towel, which makes the surface area quite massive and the fabric nice and thick. Thanks to the construction these are quite airy and allow for some airflow, making them quite comfy no matter what the temperature outside is. These work well on their own or coupled with others.

The joys of merino wool

Merino wool is moisture wicking, quick drying and self-rinsing. It's also machine-washable, but washing is usually unnecessary - wool cleans itself. Machine wash in 40 degrees Celsius when needed. When not in use a good shake and airing outside will magically cleanse the wool. You only need to wash merino wool if you see stains or the clothing starts to smell really bad. This usually requires lots of continuous use without airing.

Made of 60 % Merino wool, 38 % polyamide, 2 % elasthane. The polyamide is added to the mix for wear resistance, you can march countless miles before wearing these out.

And oh yes, this stuff is mulesing free!

Size info

Sized according to European shoe sizes, with corresponding common S, M, L etc. sizes in brackets. See the chart below for further reference:

EU sizeSimple sizeUS shoe size
34-36X-SmallUS 2½-4½
37-39SmallUS 5-6½
40-42MediumUS 7-9
43-45LargeUS 9½-12
46-48X-LargeUS 13-15

Varusteleka Särmä

Särmä is our own brand of clothing and equipment. When you buy Särmä you get purpose-built stuff at a decent price, something that will fill it's intended role well and not cost you an arm and a leg!

Made in Finland.

Employee's comments

I've been using the very similar Woolpower product for a long time, summer and winter. Naturally got a few of these as well. These are essentially the same, but made in Finland instead of Sweden and cost less.

Thanks to the wool material and terry knit, your feet will stay surprisingly dry. For reference, if you are used to wearing cotton socks, these are STILL better than those during summer. If there's anything to nitpick about, I'd wish for a bit shorter version.

Being what they are and solidly made, the service life is long. Even when the heels start to eventually thin out, you can just darn them (do learn this skill, it's pretty easy!) and keep going - these are definitely worth some love and care!

Henri L.
Henri L.

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I would recommend for a friend
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Vaikka jalka hikoaa tai sukat kostuu muuten vaan luonnonvoimista, niin silti tuntuvat mukavilta, eivätkä "imeydy" saappaan sisukseen kiinni, kuten puuvillaiset vastineensa.

Ja vaikka ovatkin tennissukkaa paksummat, niin eivät aivan tumppupaksua materiaalia, eli sopii myös omassa käytössäni tarvittaessa lenkkariinkin.
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