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Särmä Hannunvaakuna Morale Patch

Särmä Hannunvaakuna Morale Patch

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Let us tell you about the traditional ways of our people.

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Let us tell you about the traditional ways of our people.

Our forefathers would scribe, carve, or paint a looped square, "Hannunvaakuna", on pretty much anything they owned and used. The symbol would ward off evil spirits and bad luck, and one could make the claim it's at least partially effective as there are very few evil spirits in Finland.

Apart from Finns, the symbol has been widely used in - but not limited to - Northern Europe, and of all of the places in the world, Mississippi.

Wear this on your sleeve or pack, maybe it can ward off peddlers and have telemarketers call the wrong number instead of yours. If you're really lucky, you might piss off a hothead who thinks old Nordic symbols represent satanism, fascism, or both.

Silver embroidery over a dull brown background. The patch measures 82 mm square or 115 mm across (3.25" x 3.25" or 4.5"). With hook backing to slap on your Velcro base.

Made in Finland

These are manufactured by patchmakers who manufacture insignia for the Finnish army, quality stuff!

Varusteleka Särmä

Särmä is our own brand of clothing and equipment. When you buy Särmä you get purpose-built stuff at a decent price, something that will fill it's intended role well and not cost you an arm and a leg!

Särmä products are covered by a 12-month warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. For further information please read our detailed warranty guide.


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Näitä pitää hommata heti kaks. Tää edustaa nii' selevästi kotimaista muinaiskulttuuria, Mursunsydäntä/Tursaansydäntä ja fasismia (puhumattakaa' siitä vo' Roseni' "onnemmerkistä") ette' voi jättää vaan komeistelemaa' Varusteleka' hyllyjä (vaikka jos Suomes o' vielä e'es vailla parisensataa punaveristä Isämmaalaista jälellä, ei nää merkit jää niihi' hyllyihi' kauaa mököttää'). Ny' jos vaa' uskaltais'/kehtais'/kannattais' tuottaa muutama satane' sellasia luhy' hakasia ristejä jokka lähelle kaheksankytä vuotta sitte' vähä aikaa komeisteli Suomem panssaroitujen vaunujen kylijis'; niitä pitäis' hommata heti puoli tusinaa (ja viis' "Polliitisesta Korrektituudista"). ME käytimme sitä tiettyä ristinmuotoa (emmekä vääri') ennen ku' ne "tekijänoikeuksien loukkaajat" mantereelta etelästä päi'.
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John L. 10.10.2020
Seen this on roadsigns here in Sweden, the meaning of them is not clarified and quite obscure actually. Maybe marking some historical things or places.
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