Salomon XA Forces MID

Salomon XA Forces MID

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For the everyday tactical peep, here's a pair of tactical sneakers with maximum breathability: no tex-membrane here! Subdued colours suitable for military/LE use, or anyone who likes their modern footwear without a bright logo.

Salomon Forces are special versions of their civilian shoes with a mix of features to make them sporty while offering toned-down looks and high durability. It's not uncommon to spot these worn by military special units and law enforcement officers around the world.


The Salomon XA Forces are made to endure hard use where regular sneakers quickly fall apart. Materials and details have been iterated from one version to another to achieve a very high-grade shoe.

  • Double or triple stitching on the top of the shoe
  • Tough textile (as found on the 4D models)
  • Reinforcement pad next to the toes
  • Instep reinforcement for rope descents
  • Rope fins
  • Aggressive tread
  • Non-marking sole with a very intricate cushion midsole
  • Inner lined with breathable fabric
  • Cushioned, porous insole
  • Salomon QuickLace for easy and even tightening

Size info

Sizes listed in UK size, then comparable EU size. Foot length in millimetres (Mondopoint) found in the chart below. The last width on these is regular: if you have especially wide feet, consider picking a half-size larger.

UK-size EU-size Mondopoint
4,537 1/3236 mm
538241 mm
5,538 2/3245 mm
639 1/3249 mm
6,540253 mm
740 2/3258 mm
7,541 1/3262 mm
842267 mm
8,542 2/3271 mm
943 1/3276 mm
9,544280 mm
1044 2/3284 mm
10,545 1/3289 mm
1146293 mm
11,546 2/3298 mm
1247 1/3302 mm
12,548307 mm
13,549 1/3315 mm
14,550 2/3324 mm

Official measuring guide for Salomon footwear


  • Use a shoe box or a wall with a 90° angle.
  • Find a sheet of paper or a sheet of cardboard, a ruler and a pen.

What should you do next?

  • Make sure that you are wearing the same socks that you would normally wear with this type of boot.
  • Wearing these socks, stand on the sheet of paper and place the outside of your foot against the wall or place your foot in the shoe box with your heel wedged firmly against the back.
  • Then use your pen and ruler to draw a line just in front of your big toe.
  • Measure the distance between the wall or the side of the shoe box and the line that you have just drawn.
  • Find this measurement in millimetres in the chart. If you fall between sizes, pick the larger one. A couple of mm extra length of a shoe doesn't hurt, but even a slightly too short shoe is bad.

Made by Salomon

Known for sports & offroad shoes, Salomon has ventured to military territory too. As one could imagine, the footwear they make is a mix of military requirements and sport shoe features.

Made in Vietnam with tough specs and QC.

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