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SADF uniform jacket, brown, surplus

9.99 EUR 19.99 EUR
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SADF uniform jacket, brown, surplus

Product is out of stock and is unlikely restocked in the near future :-(

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A rather stylish South African jacket for dinner parties and parades, but not too flashy for casual use either.

While the general appearance differs from the homogenous mass of suit jackets, the cut and small details make this a piece you can wear without fear of being fined by the style police. The easily recognizable buttons are similar to German ones as seen on Wehrmacht, SS and Bundeswehr uniforms. They are slightly larger, just like boers in general. The sides feature, again, very Germanic belt hooks to hold the included canvas belt up, but frankly the jacket looks great even without the belt.

The button attachment is commonly seen on parade uniforms, but a word or two is justified. The backsides feature metal loops that go through a hole in the fabric and are secured by small keyrings on the opposite sides. This prevents the buttons from falling off due to a loose thread and also makes the buttons easily detachable for cleaning. The right side features a mock inside pocket for easy access to the keyrings.

Note: most of the jackets do not have the buttons attached, but they do come with the jacket. You just have to put them on, not a big deal - read the text above.

Bigger note: some come with rather stylish Italian buttons, and these jackets are sold separately. The catch is, the metal keyrings are not included. Most with 1-2 cm diameter will do. In a more important note they might not fit through all buttonholes. Accept this fact when ordering. (It's still a 9,99 EUR jacket and a handful of very nice looking buttons.)

The top pockets feature hidden snap fasteners and the lower ones have large enough bellows to accommodate a 1q water canteen, but for the sake of all that's good don't stuff the pockets like you would with a British Windproof Smock. If you need to carry anything but an invitation to the secret meeting you're attending, you're wearing the wrong jacket.

Manufactured in the 80's and 90's, these Apartheid-era jackets were meant for parades, but these ones were never issued, so they were put in storage and later sold to the civilians.

The product label doesn't specify materials, but "Dry cleaning only" would hint towards wool. In any case the garment can be tidied with a brush and some fresh air. The lining is synthetic.

Sizes means the chest circumference in inches, which we've converted to centimeters followed by a closely equivalent US size. The sleeves are on the long side - again thanks to the stature of boers. In addition the sleeve length might grow with the size. The model in the picture is 190 cm tall and wears a size 40 jacket.

While these were never used or carelessly thrown around dusty warehouses, the condition is not quite mint (some storage dust, possibly a bit stained buttons). They could be described like Sharon Stone: pretty darn good for the age. Manufactured by Rhinotex, Johannesburg.

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Exellent Quality product, good very slim cut... The bouttons are more than a nuissance. I bought 10 pices of those and NONE of the bouttons fits the holes expect the 4 in Front... besides they are not fixed and the fixing mechanism is crappy at best... I would recommend if you know how to saw on the 10 other bouttons... (and have the time and the will to do so).
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