SADF parade trousers, surplus

SADF parade trousers, surplus

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SADF step-out parade trousers, a good choice for any festive occasion or just walking out, as they are pretty neutral.

One-off batch! Once these are gone, most likely that's it then.

You don't come across trousers like this every day. Even though they aren't made for combat, they are made from durable fabric with a strong thread and quality workmanship. We dare say these will outlast any fancy civilian trousers you might buy, even for double or triple the price. The fabric is not only tough, but airy too.

These have two slash pockets and one back pocket, sometimes even a watch pocket.


The size is the waist in centimetres, with a comparable easy size. Divide by 2.54 to get inches, or use our converter. The single digit number is SADF size. The inseam length is 85 cm or more based on spot checks, because South-Africans are quite tall for one reason or another. Think of these as 34" length trousers, good up to 6' 3" tall people or so.

SADF surplus

Unissued, but has been in storage for a while.

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