Russian winter jacket with detachable liner, Flora, surplus

Russian winter jacket with detachable liner, Flora, surplus

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A winter jacket in the slowly aging Flora camouflage pattern, which will soon receive a cool vintage status. Because these are Russian, they have that all-important fur collar and because they're modern, the liner is removeable too! Just wear this over your favourite Telnyashka - that's all you'll need! Very random availability.

Complete with all the national peculiarities of Russian winter clothing (heavy, manly, glorious to behold), this imposing winter coat will keep you warm in whatever temperatures. Along with the two-part design (shell jacket and button-on liner), the jacket has a cute but sad little hood too hidden behind the collar.

The liner can indeed be removed, rendering this just a shell of its former self, suitable for top layer during a bit less cold weather. Unfortunately the fur collar stays with the liner.

About washing. Well first of all, if at all possible, don't do it. If airing our and spot cleaning with mild soap won't cut it, wash the shell separately in about 40 degrees Celsius. Then wash the liner with gentle wool cycle and hope for the best.

Size info

First Russian GOST size, then the same deciphered to user's recommended height and chest circumference in centimetres. These are generously sized, so if your measurements slip a few centimetres over the recommendations, it's no big deal.

Real Russian "surplus"

Officially they don't really sell army surplus in Russia, so everything that comes out from there is somewhat "illegal". So are these. In good condition, at least!

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