Russian winter Gorka mountain uniform, "Flächentarn"

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Russian winter Gorka mountain uniform, "Flächentarn"
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Only in modern Russia can you conjure up the good old East German Flächentarn camo from the dark depths of history and make a pretty functional winter uniform decorated with it. This is the best stuff when it's cold!

If they do make something well across our Eastern border, it's thick winter clothes. This Gorka-style fleece lined suit is the best stuff for freezing temperatures, or milder too if you don't need to move around much. Our supplier said these were "mountain cop uniforms" so go figure.


  • High waist. Super mega high waist. This is super for winter trousers, as the snow won't get in and they keep you warmer.
  • Button fly, internal belt system, although separate loops are provided too.
  • Enough pockets: normal side pockets, roomy cargo pockets and open back pockets. All button operated.
  • Elastics on strategic places on the legs - these are not at all as stiffy and cumbersome as usually such trousers tend to be.
  • The knee reinforcements are actually pockets where you can stuff inserts of your choice.


  • A roomy, anorak style thing. Plenty of room to move around in!
  • A large hood, adjustable of course. The collar is an interesting double button style.
  • Drawcord tightening on the waist and hem, elastic cuffs.
  • Thanks to the anorak construction the pockets are plentiful and good: the hem pockets and the pockets behind the kangaroo pouch are acutally tunnels. On the sleeves you'll find smaller pockets.
  • The elbow reinforcements are actually pockets where you can stuff inserts of your choice.


The lowest layer for whole uniform is fleece fabric for warmth. On top of this is tan cotton, the same as used on traditional Gorka uniforms. Partially covering the cotton is very strong "Flächentarn" camouflaged fabric. Wash the uniform in about 40 degrees Celsius if necessary.

Size info

Sizes in the Russian system - first euro size, then length number, with user's recommended centimeter measurements behind: first height, then chest, then waist. The jacket cut is very roomy, the trousers are more form fitting, but will fit at least the waist size given. Measure yours by the navel!

The model in the picture is pretty much Euro size 48 (175 cm tall 95 cm chest, 84 cm waist). Worn is size 48-3 uniform.

Russian made

Made by some Russian manufacturer, these might eevn be army issue stuff. Russian companies typically make their stuff in Russia, not China. These are not "pretty", but completely fit for purpose.


Availability very random and unpredictable - we can't give any estimates of restock. Likewise, no idea about the sizes we get. What we do know is that the amounts are small.

Product reviews

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I would recommend for a friend
I think everyone can see from the provided pictures that this uniform is absolutely gorgeous. Flächentarn in general is a very pretty camouflage in my opinion and paired with the tan it makes for a very neat look.

What you can't see is that this is probably the most comfortable set of garments you'll ever have the pleasure of wearing. I legitimately use this uniform as lounging wear occasionally because with the fleece lining and roomy cut, it's like a big snuggly blanket.

And if the comfortableness isn't enough, this thing is also filled to the brim with features. Be it the pockets for knee and elbow pads, the crotch-strap to prevent the jacket from riding up, the high waist of the trousers or the incredible pockets on the jacket. (The open, warm middle pocket especially as it keeps your hands warm incredibly well.)

PS: The Jacket alone is also great as a regular medium weight jacket to wear casually.
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