Russian VSR winter uniform, surplus

Russian VSR winter uniform, surplus

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Real deal Russian VSR winter uniforms, the kind that's comfort range begins in the extreme ends of the Western stuff. Very very occasional availability in random sizes.

The "shell" uniform consists of a lightly lined jacket and matching trousers with suspenders. Usually the uniforms are the later model with the handy handwarmer pockets on the hem of the coat. These both have a separate liner that has to be one of the warmest things to come out of Russia.

Size info

Sizes in the standard GOST system, with the user's width in Euro size and height as a number from 1 to 6. In the brackets these are translated to centimetre measurements (height / chest / waist). The waist is pretty much the maximum that fits in the trousers. A jacket of your size will have room beneath it for more than just a Telnyashka shirt.


In superb condition, mostly unissued. Some buttonholes are unopened, typical in Russian stuff.

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