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Russian Telnyashka, long sleeve

Russian Telnyashka, long sleeve

Price 16.99 USD excluding VAT

The infamous Russian striped shirt. These long sleeved ones are the less taunting model, and perfect for just about any occasion.

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The infamous Russian striped shirt. These long sleeved ones are the less taunting model, and perfect for just about any occasion.

  • Light blue type is the model worn by the airborne forces.
  • Dark blue model is the one worn by the naval forces.
  • Black stripes worn by submariners, because colours don't exist in the dark depths.
  • Red stripes signifies OMON or MVD.

Made of cotton, wash in 40 degrees, preferably by hand. These might shrink a bit in the first wash.

Size info

Sized according to the usual European system, but notice that these fit tight and small sizes are short! Lengthwise these are all the same, so don't worry your head with that. The chart below shows measurements of the actual garment laid flat: compare it to shirts you already have that fit you.

SizeHem widthSleeve length from neck openintLength from hem to shoulder seam
48 (X-Small)41 cm68 cm60 cm
50 (Small)44 cm70 cm62 cm
52 (Medium)47 cm73 cm66 cm
54 (Large)50 cm78 cm71 cm
56 (X-Large)54 cm80 cm75 cm
58 (2X-Large)58 cm82 cm77,5 cm
60 (3X-Large)62 cm83 cm79 cm

Genuine stuff

Factory new, made by Russia, sometimes outsourced to Czechs.

A word from our employee

Prolly THE best thing, that ever came from commie Disneyland (Soviet army). Telnyashka just happens to be manly as fuck, Warms more than a hug from polarbear and it is so comfortable, that you can feel The Kim Jong Healthy style cozyness whole day. I use these on Weekly basis and I own multiple variations. Recommended, 11/10.

Aleksi A. L.


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4.46 / 5
13 ratings
Suomi (5)
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I would recommend for a friend

One of the (easy to rip off) cards on the shirt was indeed in Russian, which I cannot read.
but another small piece inside said:

honderd procent katoen... and that I can read.. because it says:
100%Cotton (in Dutch) / made in the EU

The Rusky's could ofcourse outsource their shirt production to .. I don't know..
but Ruskya is for sure not in the EU,
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I would recommend for a friend

This it the best shirt I have ever had. Strong and high quality surplus from the union.
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I would recommend for a friend

Olen kovasti tyytyväinen. Pesen kaikki vaatteet 60 asteessa ja rumpukuivaan. Hiukaverran kutistuu mitä uumoilinkin ja valitsin koon sen mukaan. Materiaali on päällä todella pehmoista ja mukavaa. Päivitän arviota muutaman pesun ja rummutuksen jälkeen. Mieskin tykkäsi paidastaan kovasti. Kelpo vaate. Värit mukavan syvät.
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I would recommend for a friend

06.08.2019 (Edited 10.09.2020)
Good shirts overall, although be warned that these models will shrink on your first wash, even in cold water! Unless you want to wear something that's almost a crop top or plan on giving these to your girlfriend, I recommend buying a size up so it will "shrink to fit" to your size after the first wash.
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I would recommend for a friend

Great quality for the price; just wish the sleeves were longer.
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I would recommend for a friend

I would recommend for a friend

Jo reippaat 1,5 vuotta käytössä eikä kulumisen merkkejä näy, vaikka pesty moneen otteeseen. Itselleni L kokoisessa on hiukan liian lyhyet hihat, mutta tämäpä ei käyttöön vaikuta. PS. just lähti tilaukseen kolme paitaa lisää, jotta ei lopu kesken ja löytyypi joka väri. PPS. Nää kestää paremmin, kuin suomalaiset tasaraita-mallin paidat!
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I would recommend for a friend

03.03.2020 (Edited 03.03.2020)
Decent shirts, made of strong fabric. I bought two according to my normal size and the sleeves were a bit short, just covering 3/4 of my short arms. I would suggest to buy a size up, or measure out some extra length for your arms, as I will next time as they are excellent shirts regardless.
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I would recommend for a friend

Great quality, but the sizing is weird. This is after it shrunk by the way, because these WILL shrink considerably on the first wash. Bought what I thought was my size but that turned out really small and too short in the arms. Bought another one a size up and it fits quite slim and nice, but most importantly the arms are just long enough. Just buy a size up, I might actually buy 2 sizes up next time just so I can have a shirt that fits a little more loosely... great quality though, I hope they always keep these in stock because I will be buying again.
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