Russian SPOSN Smersh webbing kit

135.99 USD
Russian SPOSN Smersh webbing kit
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The legendary Smersh webbing set, one of the iconic 21st century pieces of Russian special forces equipment. This is the full AK set, designed for 30 round magazines. Made by SSO, more commonly known as SPOSN, the outfitters of Russias elite.

The Smersh is made up of many little pouches, straps etc. and a yoke and belt. The common setup is the one we've pictured, but you can configure the pouch placement etc. to fit your own needs.

  • Belt, max length 120 cm.
  • Cushioned belt panel, lots of loops and rings for attachment.
  • H-style suspenders, well padded and extremely adjustable.
  • Two magazine pouches (4 AK mags, 2 grenades and 2 hand held flares each).
  • Two VOG grenade pouches, each holds 5 VOGs.
  • One first aid pouch.
  • A butt pack with PALS and ALICE attachment points on the sides.
  • Straps: sternum strap, strap to keep the ammo pouches from flopping around, straps to attach the buttpack high on the back like a rucksack.

Delivered unassembled! Assembly takes a while but guarantees that you get exactly what you need, the Smersh can be assembled in many different ways to suit your personal needs.

The material is strong poly-nylon-whatever, thick, dense and very wear resistant.

Made by SSO, better known as SPOSN

SSO is one of the leading Russian gear manufacturers. For over 10 years their stuff has been used by numerous Russian special force units and proven in combat time after time. High quality, no bullshit war gear!

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