Russian Ratnik 6E6 multitool, Digiflora/green, surplus

Russian Ratnik 6E6 multitool, Digiflora/green, surplus

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While Ratnik does indeed sound like some East European movie bad guy, it's actually the new Russian combat kit system. This tool, with a catchy name "6E6", is an officer-issue brick of a multitool.

If you think Leathermen are sturdy, we guess you got it all wrong, Ratnik 6E6 tool is to the multitool world what Ivan Drago is to boxing; the burly Russian that will pound things until they work or don't work. But unlike the good old Drago, this tool is a real thing - trust us, what you previously thought was sturdy will feel like children's toys compared to the Ratnik tool.

One actually great feature of this tool is the fact that every piece is readily available without having to open up the tool first. Moreover, the blades are one-hand operated, and in theory everything else too. The whole tool can be disassembled for maintenance.

How many ways to hammer it right?

On the front you'll find a pair of massive pliers, which also have detonator crimpers and wire cutters/peelers.

A "knife", which is essentially an 11 cm long Tanto bayonet. Thread cutters on the base. Locks open and is one-hand openable.

Saw/can opener/saw 2/ruler. This thing looks like it's designed by the Klingon empire. The 10 cm long ruler is apparently only meant for the intterrogater to know how deep the thing is in the person being interrogated. Lockings and openings as above.

Phillips head screwdriver, (pivoted open by opening the pliers) the most common size. By material strength we suppose this works as a punch too.

An awl (pivoted open with the plier locking latch), which might be the most sharpest and violent looking piece of steel created. It's also meant for sewing, so it also has a hole for the thread to go through. Sewing with this thing looks like bayonet practice.

Fire steel at the rear end. Also works for general pounding and as a large flathead screwdriver.

A metal belt clip with hanger ring. These are probably tested by a platoon of Spetsnaz grappling with them.

Also included is a MOLLE compatible pouch and a diamond file.

Dimensions and weight

  • Dimensions 16,5 x 3,5 x 3,2 cm.
  • Weight about 800 grams
  • Made of really strong tool steel, with anti-corrosion treatment.

Made in Russia

These tools are straight from the Russian army warehouses. They might be slightly used, but virtually as new.


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4.25 / 5
2 ratings
I would recommend for a friend

21.05.2019 (Edited 21.05.2019)
AWESOME find! Massive! Like a chunk of steel! A truck could run over it and maybe would crack the handles.

Lots of sharp edges and points, well-covered in white grease. A SERIOUSLY rare find! Thank you, Varusteleka, for another GREAT find!
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I would recommend for a friend

"A punch, which not only is alsmost impossible to fold out, but might be the most sharpest and violent looking piece of steel created" © varusteleka
Here is a tip for you guys: just open the pliers and push the hook - the one holding the pliers hand and it will make a punch fold out. Screwdriver can also be easily opened by the pliers when you open it to maximum. Yeah, it's not an obvious way I learned from the user's guide after few broken nails. Keep your nails lads!
Quite usable item for different purposes but a bit heavy as for me. Very good as a present.
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