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Russian Ratnik 6e4-1 watch, Digiflora

Russian Ratnik 6e4-1 watch, Digiflora

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While Ratnik does indeed sound like some East European movie bad guy, it's actually the new Russian combat kit system. A part of it is this automatic wristwatch, which is sturdy enough to be used as a weapon on its own.

Do you like watches? Have you ever dreamt of one that can withstand an electromagnetic pulse and a 9 mm bullet? Do you consider a camouflaged commando bracelet a nice bonus? If you answered "yes" or "maybe" to any of these, then this watch is for you! This ain't no toy and is actually pretty damn affordable for an automatic watch.


Automatic watch, which meas all wrist movements wind the mechanism - no need for batteries. This also grants the benefit of the watch being EMP proof! When the apocalypse comes, at least your watch works.

Developed to work anywhere, be it hot, cold, moist or dusty. Operation range from +100 to -100 Celsius. For those who use other systems, +100 degrees Celsius is the boiling point of water.

Waterproofness rating 3 ATM, submersible up to 20 metres.

Shockproof to ridiculous specs: the Russian army claims the watch can take a 9 mm bullet in the face from 15 metres. Even if it was 50 metres, it's still quite impressive.

The hands and dots are fluorescent so you will be able to read this in total darkness. Necessary in Russia.

A commando wristband is included. This is of course Digiflora camouflaged. you can either cover the watch or keep it visible.

Materials and dimensions

  • Made of stainless steel, strap made of leather
  • Case measurements 4,5 x 5 x 1,5 cm
  • Weight with cover wristband 240 grams

Made in Russia

These are just the same stuff the Russian army uses. The condition is usually brand new.


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I would recommend for a friend

01.09.2019 (Edited 16.10.2019)
No nyt on kunnon Kello isolla K:lla.
Eipä oo monella tällästä ranteessa. Kyllä Neuvostoliitossa osataan!
On kestävä ja hiano. Ei edistä eikä jätätä (ainakaan mun Kelllo).
Näppärä kellonhihna kun tottuu, otin omasta ton Digiflora rannekkeen pois ja pidän ihan
vaan simppeliä nahkahihnaa.
Täytyy sanoo että tästä tuli heti mun suosikki kello.
Huomion arvoinen asia:
Täytyy pitää ranteessa jotta käy.
Noin 1/2 vuorokautta(?) pöydällä ni virta loppuu..(ku ei oo sitä patteria)
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I would recommend for a friend



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joe j. 15.12.2019
When will this be restocked?
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