Russian Ratnik 6E2 torch

Russian Ratnik 6E2 torch

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While Ratnik does indeed sound like some East European movie bad guy, it's actually the new Russian combat kit system. Now the individual Russian soldier has an actual electronic lighting device issued to him.

  • Made for military use
  • Powered by one AA battery (not included)
  • Bright light with red, green and blue LED
  • Attaches to helmet, belt or equipment

An actual electronic light from Russia? Isn't a candle enough?

To both of these we respond with a resounding Yes, and this little torch isn't at all copied from the Streamlight product - more like the other way around, and CIA definitely has its dirty hands on the issue.

Power source one AA battery (not included). Very simple! It resides in a little compartment under a rubber O-ring.

Developed to work almost anywhere, be it hot, cold, moist or dusty. Operation range from +50 to -30 Celsius.

Strong metal clip for attaching this to your belt or equipment. The light can be rotated.

A helmet mount is included. With this you can attach the light to at least the Russian composite helmet; screw off the metal hook piece, clip it over the helmet rim, screw the plastic piece back on. Now push and slide the torch to the helmet mount piece.

Multiple light modes: along with the basic white light there's a red, green and blue LED. Let's go through the operation principles:

  • BKn PEXNM button activates the light.
  • UBET button switches through the different LEDs. Hold it down and it activates a blinker mode.
  • When the light is on, by holding down the BKn PEXNM button the light output changes (4 options). Press it again and the light goes off. The torch remembers the last setting used.

Materials and dimensions

  • Made of green plastic and stainless steel
  • Extreme measurements without helmet mount 8 x 5,6 x 2,8 cm
  • Weight with battery and helmet mount 130 grams

Made in Russia

These are just the same stuff the Russian army uses. The condition is usually brand new in a battered box.


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