Russian Mabuta uniform, Jagel

128.99 USD
Russian Mabuta uniform, Jagel
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The classic "Mabuta" uniform but in Jagel camo! A lightweight summer uniform consisting of a blouse-like jacket and extremely practical trousers. The jacket can be worn either inside or outside of trousers. We got only two pieces.

All in all the Mabuta is a no-bullshit summer combat uniform; the trousers have a hight waist with both belt and suspender loops, button fly, "snow locks" on the cuffs and enough pockets for anything you might want to carry in them. The jacket has a button-up front, two breast pockets and a very spacious inside pocket.

Made of lightweight cotton ripstop fabric. There's an extra piece for any repairs hanging below the inside pocket of the jacket.

Size info

Sizes in the Russian GOST system; first up user's width in Euro size, then height as a number from 1 to 7. In the brackets we have converted these directly to centimetres; first recommended height in centimetres (generous), then chest circumference, then waist circumference. Please note that in Russian size system the waist is often comparably slimmer than with the Western measurements, so look at the centimetres we have given.

Made by Tactic-9

Yes, the good ol' Tactic-9, the same that makes most of the Jagel stuff we sell. Made in Russia!

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Not a good quality fabric. Sarma M05 is much better quality.
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