Russian lightweight snow uniform, Pervotrop camo

Russian lightweight snow uniform, Pervotrop camo

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A snow camouflage uniform with the "Pervotrop" camouflage scheme. Extremely simple and lightweight.

Availability: again, we can't keep these in stock all the time. Getting military kit from Russia can sometimes be challenging - please understand this.

The cut is extremely simple: on the jacket you'll find button closure, drawcord hood and two simple hem pockets. The trousers are even less complicated with only knee reinforcements, drawcord waist and elastic cuffs.

Made of thin, water repellent polyester fabric with Pervotrop camouflage, which is more or less directly copied from the new Finnish snow camo. The pattern is very effective. Some may be concerned about the fabric rustling a bit. This is true, it does (a bit). You can't have everything. However, the Russians don't seem to be bothered about that, and they tend to be pragmatic to a fault.

All this means the uniform will fit into a very small space. Weight about 500 g.

Size system

Sizes in the Euro system, and run very large, at least when it comes to the jackets. The trousers, on the other hand, are a bit tighter, with a "normal" fit. That means you can still fit a pair of normal pants under them, along with the standard underwear. Only one length size, which should fit most.

The model in the picture is size 48 and is wearing a size 46-48 suit. Under the trousers he has standard cotton pants, while under the jacket is stuffed a t-shirt, longsleeve shirt and a thick Russian winter jacket. No problems with mobility. In fact, there still was room for more.

Factory new, made by Tactic-9.

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