Russian Gorka field trousers, brown

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Russian Gorka field trousers, brown
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The loose fitting Gorkas are a commonly used by Russia's more elite fighting units. These are not made for the parade grounds, but developed to be purely practical. We sell the trousers and jackets separately. Here's the jacket.

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The loose fitting Gorkas are a commonly used by Russia's more elite fighting units. These are not made for the parade grounds, but developed to be purely practical. We sell the jackets and trousers separately, here are the trousers.

Gorka trousers are probably among the best field trousers we've seen, and especially fit for people who like simple, durable stuff. These are very popular in Russia among all kinds of outdoor-types besides the military, and for a reason!


  • Roomy cut for unrestrained movement.
  • Button fly, large belt loops and suspender loops. Elastic suspenders included. These are very much like the US M-1950 model but without any metal on them.
  • Reinforced knees, seat and shins.
  • Elastics on the waist and around the calves.
  • Two large cargo pockets, two back pockets and normal slash pockets on the sides. A notable feature is the loss-proof cargo pocket closure system where the pockets folds in a way that it closes the mouth completely.
  • All in all there isn't a thing you couldn't repair if you own buttons, a needle and thread!


The Gorka is made from a base layer of cotton, in the style of the old Plash Palatka rain capes. The Gorka is water repellent to some extent when new, but not a straightforward rubbery rain suit, thus it breathes well. Still, do not treat this as a waterproof garment - it isn't one.

All hard wearing areas are reinforced with a strong poly-cotton blend, either ripstop reinforced or not, this varies from one pair to the other. Machine washing in 40 degrees is fine, please note that the base colour fades a bit over time, just like memories of better times.

This suit is meant to protect the wearer from wind and weather, it's not lined in any way which makes it wearable both in the summer and winter. It's recommended to wear appropriate layered clothing or a field uniform underneath.


First the traditional Russian size, then the same converted to centimetres - first height, then waist circumference. It's not the end of the world if you pick a size larger than you'd normally wear. Likewise if you're a few cm off from the recommended height to any direction, don't worry, it'll fit.

All Russian made

The vast majority is made by a company called Bars, but once in a blue moon there might be some others mixed in as well (Siluett or Blok-Post etc.). All are virtually the same. But in 99% of the cases you'll get a Bars made product.


Availability is a bit unpredictable - we can't give any estimates of restock. Likewise, no idea about the sizes we get. What we do know is that the amounts are small.

A word from our staff about the whole Gorka uniform

The Gorka 3K outfit is perfect for the outdoors and trekking. The material is sturdy, especially the reinforcements (which are in all of the right places), while still being relatively light. As an outer suit for winter trekking it can handle snow quite well; however, you'll need some extra layers underneath since there isn't much in terms of lining. The colour of the original Gorka (olive green and dark greenish-brown reinforcements) means that it can get quite dirty without actually looking dirty. I've wiped my dirty hands on it plenty of times while handling ashes, etc, and it doesn't look bad at all. In general it's quite a nice suit - ”foresty” without being covered in camo, well-fitted, and sturdy to boot. The coat and the trousers work well together or as stand-alone garments.

The cut of the coat is quite nice. There isn't a lot of extra material that would lead to baggy arms or a ”tent”-like feeling, or a hood that feels like you have your head in a cavern. The collar is quite high which adds extra warmth around a neck gaiter or scarf, and the hood has plenty of adjustments to get the fit just right. I originally took the size 3 (I'm 173), but the sleeves felt a little short ending just above my wrist, so I've gone up to a size 4 for longer sleeves. Front pockets are decently spacious, and even with the button open things don't fall out easily. The sleeve pockets are a tad small, but they'll easily hold tiny trinkets such a lighters or matches.

The trousers are probably my favourite part of the whole suit. The fit is nice while still being roomy. The legs have elastic around the calves and ankles, as well as reinforced fabric, leaving less loose fabric to get caught on whatever you might encounter in the forest (or battlefield?). The seat is reinforced, which came in handy when I slid down an icy hill in the early spring. Well, it was either that or risk walking down (and probably end up sliding down anyway). It comes with belt loops and suspenders, but personally I use a belt since I can hang a knife and canteen from it. It's nice to have options though. The trousers also have plenty of storage space. There are largish front pockets as well as cargo pockets. The latter have a nice closure system in which the pocket mouth folds over onto itself, making a seal to ensure that losing something will take one hell of an effort. Especially if you have to do some extreme hill sliding.


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I would recommend for a friend
I would recommend for a friend
Fits very well, fits and feels like sweatpants but looks much better! Mine looked brand new and are currently the most comfortable pants I own.
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I would recommend for a friend
Gorka, voi ristus mitä tavaraa!

Muistot liukuu vetistelevien silmien ohi kun muistelee kaikkia ryyp.. siis metsästys ja samoiluretkiä gorkat päällä.
Omistan kolme kokonaista asua, sekä toppaversion anorakista ja kyllä, nämä ovat vuosien saatossa valikoituneet niiksi GO TO-kamppeiksi kun lähetään rypemään mehtuulle.

Gorkat on rumasti kauniit. Kukaan värikarttoihin ja trendeihin uskova ei löydä mitään viehättävää näiden väristä, mutta käytännön ihmiset yleensä arvostaa juuri sitä väriskaalaa, missä paska ei näy.
Kamppeiden leikkaus onmyös tuhdimpia muotoja tukeva ja kokotaulukosta uskaliaasti "vähän pienet" kamppeet istuu juuri sopivasti päälle, jättäen tilaa kerrastoille.

Mitään vettähän nää ei pidä. Kuivuu nopsaan ja hengittää, joka on hikoillessa tosi mukavaa. Jos haluaa vedenkestoa niin ruiskuttele joku kyllästeaine pintaan, omiini en laita.
Pieni ripottelu ei haittaa mutta ihan oikeassa sadekelissä kannattaa vaihtaa vaikka sadeviittaan.

Taskuja on juuri riittävä määrä. Noottia voi antaa housujen sivutaskujen materiaalista joka on jotain kertaalleen käytettyä gulag-univormun kangasta. Eli ei kestä avainnippuja eikä taittoveitsiä eikä oikein muuta kuin sormia.
Auttaa kun vaihtaa taskupussit.

Housujen korkea vyötärö tuntui aluksi hassulta, mutta ensimäinen koeajo henkseleiden kanssa avasi tämän satukirjan. Aah mikä vapaudentunne pöhöttyneellä vyötäröllä.
Lahkeiden suun lumilukko toimii kivasti myös punkkiansana, laitat kesällä kangaslärpättimet resorien alta kenkien varsiin sisään ja mettäreissun jälkeen kun kurkkaat lukkokankaan ja lahkeen saumaan, sinua odottaa (borrelioosipitoinen) yllätys. Niksi on ehkä vähän lämmin, mutta kuten aikasemmin mainittua, nää hönkii ja kuivuu hyvin. Ja mieluummin hikeä kun aivokuumetta.

Vyölenkit ja nappien kiinitykset kantsii vahvistaa ite jos jaksamista löytyy. Se on joku venäläisten salaliitto olla ompelematta näitä kunnolla kiinni ja niiden irtoaminen on takuuvarmaa.

Ylipäätänsä nää kamppeet on vähän niinku uhrimetalli, tuhoa atomeiksi asti ja sitten ehkä vois laittaa toiset. Ja kolmannet. Ja vähän anorakkia. Ja voi hyvä sylvi ku kaikki rahat palaa.
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