Russian Gorka 3K field trousers, camouflage, new model, Jagel

Russian Gorka 3K field trousers, camouflage, new model, Jagel

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The loose fitting Gorkas are a commonly used by Russia's more elite fighting units. These are not made for the parade grounds, but developed to be purely practical. This camouflaged version is almost about the perfect field uniform one can think of. These are the trousers. New model - now they realised that camouflage can be used for reinforcements too! Just a couple in stock.

  • Roomy cut for unrestrained movement.
  • Button fly and a drawcord inside the waist.
  • Reinforced knees, seat and shins.
  • Snow lock technology in the leg ends. Simple but clever, you wear the inside leg in the boot, and outside leg outside the boot.
  • Elastics on the waist and around the calves.
  • Two large cargo pockets, two back pockets and two slash pockets on the sides.
  • Loops for Russian or US M-1950 style suspenders, which are unfortunately not included.


The Gorka is made from a base layer of cotton, ripstop-reinforced in this case. The Gorka is water repellent to some extent when new, but not a straightforward rubbery rain suit, thus it breathes well. Still, do not treat this as a waterproof garment - it isn't one.

All hard wearing areas are reinforced.

This suit is meant to protect the wearer from wind and weather, it's not lined in any way which makes it wearable both in the summer and winter. It's recommended to wear appropriate layered clothing or a field uniform underneath.

Russian quality: Made first and foremost for actual field use. That's why the finish is, compared to many Western products, a bit rough: the camo might have slight misprinting, they definitely haven't counted the stitches and the colours may fade pretty quickly in modern violent washing (which people do too much anyway). However the basic form & function is is solid, and if something breaks, it's often easily repaired with a needle and some thread.

If you have to wash this, do it in 40 degrees Celsius - cotton and nylon don't mind, but the camo will gradually fade in repeated washings.


First the traditional Russian size, then the same converted to centimetres - user's recommended height and waist circumference in centimetres. Especially the length sizes are pretty generous, don't sweat it if you're a few cm off to some direction. Our model is size 175 / 95 cm and wears size 48-4 (176 / 96 cm).

Russian made

Made by Tactic-9. Russian companies typically make their stuff in Russia, not China. These are not "pretty", but completely fit for purpose.


Availability is a bit unpredictable - we can't give any estimates of restock. Likewise, no idea about the sizes we get. What we do know is that the amounts are small.

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