Russian "Digiflora" winter trousers, surplus

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Russian "Digiflora" winter trousers, surplus
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BW Windstopper watch cap, surplus

BW Windstopper watch cap, surplus

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The Germans decided to make their black winter woolly hats properly; these have a Windstopper-liner to give extra protection. Used Bundeswehr surplus.

Särmä TST M05 cold weather trousers

Särmä TST M05 cold weather trousers

137.99 USD

Our own, improved version of the Finnish military issue M05 cold weather trousers. Our enhanced version features added thigh pockets, a high bib, an improved waist adjustment band and best of all: far superior materials.

The latest issue Russian digital camo in the form of proper winter trousers. Since the Russians know a thing or two about cold climates they didn't design this for any silly western demi-season use, but for real deal arctic conditions, this thing is heavy and warm!


  • Elastic suspenders, no need for a belt with these.
  • Button fly and a cleverly designed elastic waistband.
  • Six pockets: two at the sides, two at the back and two cargo pockets on the legs.
  • Detachable warm liner, the trouser shells can be worn without the liner on warmer days whilst the liner can be worn for extra warmth in a sleeping bag for example.


Traditional Russian GOST size numbers, followed by recommended user measurements in centimetres (height and waist).

Russian army surplus

Used and because these are Russian, they haven't been repaired or washed. These might have all kinds of evidence of field use and real Russian man-sweat stains and what all!

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